My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 350 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 350 Part 1 – Three Lines Of Defense

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“After telling you all this, do you still think there isn’t any connection between ordinary people, psychics, and zombies?”

Yu Wen Xuan revealed a strange smile as he asked.

“So basically, what you’re trying to tell me is that …. psychics are actually humans who are already infected but the virus in their bodies reacted differently compared to the virus in the zombies, right?

The meaning that Yu Wen Xuan wanted to express, Ling Mo has already understood it.

This theory sounded really incredible!

“Bingo. But this theory wasn’t proposed by me, but the head of the intelligence team.”

Yu Wen Xuan’s expression suddenly became strange, “Some people began started to be unhappy with psychics because of this reason. A conspiracy theory about psychics being a potential threat … began to circulate privately. Hehe, yet every time we went to a fight, the psychics were the ones that contained the high-level zombies, preventing the army from being easily defeated, and creating the conditions for the people to fight against ordinary zombies. But these idiots…. didn’t even know they were being used….”

Sure enough, there was a deeper story to this … and Yu Wen Xuan seems to someone that knows about it.

However, he never finished the story, Ling Mo didn’t ask for more.

He was too lazy to try and understand the messed up things that were going on inside the camp.

For him, the most important thing was the opinions that humans had of higher-levelled zombies.

In regards to this, he had learned enough for him to make an accurate judgement for his future plans.

Ling Mo had deliberately lowered his voice, causing both Ronnie and Wu Peng Fei to listen in confusion.

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They weren’t psychics and didn’t understand much about them. So naturally, they wouldn’t understand either.

However, they were still concerned about the fates of ordinary people.

As soon as Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie saw that both of them were silent, Ronnie couldn’t help but intervene and asked, “You just said that the virus was already lurking inside of everyone, then why……”

Yu Wen Xuan smiled and said, “No matter what kind of plague breaks out, there will always be some people that survive or avoid being infected. However, this sudden outbreak of the virus couldn’t be explained simply by one’s physique. The reason why some people didn’t become part of the infected is probably because they have something in common that makes them immune to the virus.”

“Is the virus still lurking inside our bodies?” Wu Peng Fei seemed to be somewhat skeptical, and asked.

“Don’t worry. The lab performed a very detailed anatomy on the bodies of both ordinary people and psychics, but still couldn’t find any signs of the virus inside them.”

Yu Wen Xuan said coolly.

Ronnie’s face turned white after hearing this and she quickly turned her head and covered her mouth. He could have just said anatomy, was it necessary for him to add “very detailed” ….

“Even in the bodies of psychics?” Ling Mo whispered in disbelief.

“Nope, but they did find some unknown things inside a psychic’s body. Although it wasn’t the virus, it was definitely caused by the virus. However, with the conditions of the camp now, they aren’t able to identify what it was.”

Yu Wen Xuan shook his head regrettably and said.

It seems that there are also many advantages in staying in an area where humans gathered……

At least Ling Mo would never have thought of these kinds of theories by himself.

In the first place, there weren’t enough samples for him to compare with. Secondly, he didn’t have the motivation to do so.

“For other psychics, it is indeed possible to use this idea as a reference, however, this idea isn’t applicable to me. Unlike them, my body is full of the virus….”

Ling Mo pondered for a while, then he kicked Yu Wen Xuan, “Well, you should have rested enough by now, right?”

Originally, Ling Mo had wanted to interrogate Yu Wen Xuan before they continued on with their journey, but within their previous conversation, the other side was already filled with zombies, and there were more zombies coming closer from afar.

“I almost forgot, the body of the car is full of blood…” Ling Mo dusted himself off and quickly said, “Come on, let’s go. If we stay here too long and wait for more advanced zombies to show up, we’re going to have a problem.”

Ye Lian and the girls were sitting on the railings on the shore, kicking down the iron bars from time to time and playing “darts”.

When they heard Ling Mo calling for them, they even showed a trace of reluctance, as if they didn’t play enough.

“It’s amazing how they can still find enjoyment while facing zombies……”

Wu Peng Fei blankly stared at them and thought secretly to himself.

to be continued…

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