My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 351 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 351 Part 2 – Are You Jealous?

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Shana was wiping her scythe and smiled slightly after hearing what was said, “Inquiring about another human should be how humans get along and based on my memory, this is the most accurate example. However, I never understood it then and now it is impossible for me to learn.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t either.” Ling Mo scratched his head and smiled helplessly.

Ye Lian handed her Tang sword to Shana, and touched Ling Mo’s head with her hand, “Are you…tired today?”

Looking at Ye Lian’s big eyes, while feeling her cold palm touching his forehead, her fingers sliding into his hair and gently rubbing it, Ling Mo suddenly felt very comfortable.

“It took so much effort just to look for the experimental corpse, and it was all for this silly girl in front of me….”

“No, I’m not tired.” Ling Mo smiled and said. His voice couldn’t help but become gentler.

Of course, he didn’t realize it himself.

However, at this moment, Shana suddenly looked over at Ye Lian, “Sister Ye Lian, want to play a game? Explain the word ‘tired’.”


Ling Mo suddenly had a bad feeling.

“It’s like… when Senior Sister pushes you down, you would be holding your waist and complaining out loud about how sore you are for several days….” Ye Lian blinked and explained seriously.

“Although that really is an example of being really tired, but it is completely different from the tired that we are talking about! And also, I am the one that pushes her down!”

Ling Mo sighed and reached over to pinch Shana’s cheek, however, she started to laugh after seeing that Ling Mo was pretending to be upset.

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Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin also smiled even though their faces told everyone that they didn’t understand what was going on.

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“So loving…..”

Wu Peng Fei sat in a corner, slowly sipping water, while looking enviously at Ling Mo and his group as they messed around.

Ronnie was hugging her legs while putting her chin on top of her knees. She looked upset and had an unhappy expression on her face, “Che, we had just escaped from a hellish place moments ago and in a blink of an eye, we’re laughing our heads off now. I really don’t understand how you guys can be so happy everyday….”

“Being able to find happiness in this shitty situation is a good thing. I feel that Ling Mo’s attitude is very good. These past two days was actually the happiest I’ve ever been in the past six months, while it’s also the most dangerous. Compared with being depressed all the time, I feel that this feeling I have now is much better. Hahahaha, I suddenly understand a little bit why Captain Yu feels this way. Although I’m scared of dying, I actually passed through a zombie infested area and survived! I feel fucking great!”

As he finished speaking, Wu Peng Fei suddenly widened his eyes and he looked at Ronnie, “Your tone sounds pretty salty…. You couldn’t possibly be … jealous right?!”


Ronnie immediately glared at Wu Peng Fei and said with a red face, “What kind of bullshit are you sprouting!”

“But your face is red!”

“That’s…. In any case, it’s not because of that!” Ronnie quickly covered her cheeks and said, “I…. I’m actually really jealous of Ye Lian and the girls. They’re beautiful, powerful, and able to be with their loved ones. Although I still don’t really understand why they would want to be with a pervert like Ling Mo!”

“You don’t really have a good opinion of Ling Mo do you?” Wu Peng Fei smiled and asked.

Ronnie snorted and said, “Of course!”

“This is why girls like you are so hard to take care of. You said you wanted to stay with us, Ling Mo didn’t leave you, did he? That time when you first went to the bathroom, although he knew we were being chased, he still let you go and didn’t let a girl like you pee her pants. When you were in danger, Ling Mo was the first one to go save you…. His attitude towards you is a little cold, but that’s because he has a girlfriend. Could it be that you would only think he was a good person if he was a playboy and teased you a bit?”

After Wu Peng Fei finished speaking, he looked at Ronnie with a meaningful look, “When we enter the camp, we will be in contact with more people than our previous group. When you’re no longer the only girl in the group, naturally not everyone will spoil you. You should learn to get used to it, and you should also learn to be … grateful.”

“You….” Ronnie’s eyes widened.

“Hmph, do you think I don’t know this? The person that got her ass peeked wasn’t you.” Ronnie thought angrily.

Although she was thinking this in her mind, the way Ronnie looked at Ling Mo had become much gentler.

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