My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 352 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 352 Part 2 – A Burning Smell

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Looking outwards from the cement wall, there was a very wide and long street. However, not even a silhouette could be found, as if it was abandoned.

The biggest difference between this street and the ones in X-City was that there weren’t any bones anywhere.

However, there were fallen lamp posts, billboards that hung from stores, and even bicycles covered with dust and rust that were locked on the side of the road…. Everything that was abandoned exudes an aura of a disaster happening.

It couldn’t help but feel an indescribable feeling that the human world has been destroyed.

For some reason, Ling Mo suddenly felt that the scene in front of him seemed scarier than the streets of X-City, where zombies were everywhere.

“Let’s go.”

As the group continued their journey, they bypassed several cameras. Yu Wen Xuan’s memory was very good. The entire A-City’s defensive system was firmly printed in his mind.

Although their journey was smooth, Ling Mo still remained alert to his surroundings.

The zombie area was very dangerous, but it was much easier to handle since all they needed to do was fight to the death. In the end everything relied on strength.

Most importantly, at least over there, Ye Lian and the girls wouldn’t be in trouble.

But in the human isolation zone, the situation would be much more complicated….

After bypassing several consecutive lanes, they have completely deviated from the main road.

“Don’t worry, I’m taking you guys to the weakest area of the second defensive line.”

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Yu Wen Xuan explained with a smile.

However, just when he finished speaking, he was suddenly pulled back by Ling Mo, “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

His serious expression made Wu Pen Fei and Ronnie nervous instantly.

“Could it be that someone is using their spiritual sense?” Yu Wen Xuan excitedly guessed as if he were hoping something would happen.

“No, but it seems like someone is over there.” Ling Mo frowned and said.

Hei Si seems to have smelled something just now, so Ling Mo immediately reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

Considering the fact that it was unlikely for zombies to be here, the only other option would be a human.

But who the hell would want to come here? Could it be that they were just like them, trying to sneak inside the isolation zone?

“I will go with Hei Si to have a look.” Ling Mo quickly said without any hesitation.

“I will go too.” Shana said immediately.

“Then Ye Lian and Ya Lin will stay here. We will attract attention if too many people go. Everyone else will stay here, we will be right back.”

Ling Mo smiled and said.

Bringing a leader-level zombie with him was much safer than going alone. Ling Mo held Shana’s hand and then quickly ran forward, towards Hei Si’s direction.

“They should be right in front of us, I can also smell them.” Shana suddenly said.

Ling Mo immediately slowed down. The area surrounding them had obviously experienced a fierce battle. Many places were blown up and the building debris was spread all over the place and almost blocked the road.

In addition, the direction that Hei Si and Shana pointed towards was within several ruined buildings, so it was still a little difficult to approach it without making any noise.

After concentrating his spiritual force in his mind, Ling Mo’s senses immediately became sharper and the fragments near his feet could be clearly seen by him.

He could accurately judge which piece could be stepped on and which one would fall.

Hei Si didn’t have much of an issue since her body used to be a mutant beast. She could easily sneak into an even more complicated environment than this one.

As for Shana … launching sneak attacks were what high-level zombies were best at. She stood on toes and jumped gently, landing on a steel bar a few meters away.

The steel bar shook a little, and before it even stopped shaking, she jumped forward once again.

Ling Mo was stunned and couldn’t understand how she did it. It was probably a zombie thing….

Just as Ling Mo and his group approached quietly, a creaking sound came from a furniture store.

Hearing such a sound coming from the ruins of a building was very strange.

“Is someone making love in there? If that’s actually true, then they really put a lot of effort in trying to find a hidden place……”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but imagine a scenario of it actually happening. He stuck behind a broken wall and then slowly extended his head.


A cold light fell directly down on the top of his head!

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