My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 353 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 353 Part 1 – Specialty, Betraying Teammates

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

This sudden attack surprised Ling Mo and he quickly dodged to the side. He also substantialized his spiritual tentacles and used it to protect his head.

The strength of his opponent was astonishing and this attack instantly consumed a portion of Ling Mo’s spiritual force.

Ling Mo was shocked and he immediately directed several tentacles to move towards his opponent’s spiritual ball of light.

The other party didn’t expect that his attack would be blocked so strangely in the air, and the force of the attack was instantly stopped. The spiritual light ball fluctuated a little as it was seized by Ling Mo. He immediately used with his spiritual strangulation attack on it.


Sounds of someone groaning quickly came out, and a loud “bump” sound was heard from behind the wall.

Shana quickly rushed up with her scythe. However, just when she reached the other side, a figure burst out of the ruins, then jumped back and ran inside the furniture store.

“What kind of attack was that….”

The figure looked cautiously at Ling Mo’s direction while rubbing his head.

Ling Mo had quickly used his spiritual strangulation attack reactively, so the effects of the attack weren’t very strong, but it was more than enough.

He was lucky that he only fell down slightly. If it wasn’t because he was fast at running, Shana’s scythe would have probably cut him in half.


Behind the shadow of the figure, a large and obese man was suspended in midair, struggling and kicking his legs.

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The “creaking” sounds from before were actually coming from a beam that held him. It was unable to bear the weight as he continued to struggle.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The figure cursed.

The fat man was aghast, but he then narrowed his eyes and looked at the broken wall with great expectations, as if he had just saw his father.

“He’s powerful, extremely fast, and most likely knows how to camouflage his scent….”

Ling Mo walked out from behind the wall and glanced at the place where the figure had ambushed him from.

A few pieces of broken bricks all had fresh cracks on them. You could easily imagine how strong the attacker was.

Upon seeing that his possible savior was actually just an ordinary young man, a hint of despair appeared in the eyes of the large man.

However, he became spirited again after thinking about the situation. He obviously didn’t know how Ling Mo blocked the attack, but he knew the attacker wouldn’t fall for no reason. He screamed twice, hoping to attract attention.

But Ling Mo wasn’t planning on being distracted right now, the attacker gave him a lot of pressure.

“Is it a psychic…. Huh? FUCK! HOW COME IT’S YOU!”

When Ling Mo looked at the furniture store, the figure was also coming out of the shadows to look at him.

The moment their eyes made contact with each other, they both couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

Ling Mo was surprised, while the little girl with a face covered in dirt raised her hand, pointed at Ling Mo, and screamed, “Ahh…. AH! YOU! You’re that human with the delicious sausage!”

Anyone calling Ling Mo a human, was naturally a zombie….

Although she looked like a little girl, she had red pupils in her eyes and she had a terrifying aura around her, making people feel a burst of fear.

Shana frowned slightly after recalling something and her eyes became somewhat bad, “So it’s you…. You’re the one that’s with the flat-chested lesbian…. Your name is Yu Shi Ran, right?”

Ling Mo immediately revealed an awkward expression. He had already forgotten the name of this little girl.

On the contrary, Yu Shi Ran seems to have a strong impression of his little buddy. She even went as far as giving him such a strange nickname….

However, when he thought about it, zombies wouldn’t forget anything, they would at most throw every useless memory to the side.

“Yu Shi Ran…. I remember now, a leader-level zombie…. Half-moon’s spouse….”

Ling Mo’s scalp immediately turned numb, and he looked around in a vigilant manner, “Since you’re here, where is Half-moon?!”

“And how come you’re here?!” Yu Shi Ran retorted.

She was still somewhat fearful of Ling Mo, with Shana also being here, and her sneak attack from before didn’t bring her any benefits….

Therefore, she slowly retreated and pasted herself to the wall.

Those pair of red and white eyes locked tightly onto Ling Mo.

Among the three people, Ling Mo had the strongest offensive capability, the weakest defense, and … was the only human.

Yu Shi Ran seemed to be puzzled over Hei Si’s existence, however, her zombie instincts kicked in and she gave up thinking about her, “It’s not a human, nor is it a zombie, but either way it’s still a creature that can be eaten.”

to be continued…

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