My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 353 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 353 Part 2 – Specialty, Betraying Teammates

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Having not seen her in awhile, Yu Shi Ran’s eyes looked more red and her face had become more doll-like.

She only wore an adult men’s t-shirt that was long enough to cover her knees. Her smooth calves were exposed and she wore a pair of slippers that were bigger than her feet.

Although her clothes made her look poverty-stricken, when compared to zombies that don’t even know whether they were wearing underwear or not, she at least looked very clean. However, she looked shabby when compared to Shana or Hei Si.

“I should be the one asking why you’re here! Not to mention, you actually dared to attack me….”

Ling Mo deliberately raised his voice. If Half-moon was nearby, she wouldn’t be able to resist attacking him right there.

“Hmph, you’re just a human…. I’m waiting here for Half-moon! Yu Shi Ran wrinkled her nose and said.

She was slightly tempted to do something, but both Hei Si and Shana were glaring at her. The chances of her succeeding her attack on Ling Mo was too low in this case.

“Sure enough, you still haven’t changed. The speed at which you sell your teammates off is just as quick as before! In other words, Half-moon isn’t here right now….”

Ling Mo’s expression suddenly relaxed. It was difficult to deal with two leader-level zombies at the same time, but if he was dealing with one, it would be much easier.

Of course, he couldn’t relax completely and be careless….

“So you guys left X-City, went to A-City, and then sneaked into a camp for humans? Based on your IQ’s, it’s impossible for you guys to do such an impressive feat.”

Ling Mo frowned, even though the defensive line they had just passed seemed simple, it was still very effective against zombies.

Yu Shi Ran smugly said, “We went around to the mountains and came down from there.”

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“You know the terrain here?”

The map of A-City immediately appeared in front of Ling Mo. While on the road, he would always take it out to look up places. He had already memorized most of the terrain. He quickly found the route that they probably took.

It was possible for them to enter A-City if they went to the mountains by going through the zombie area and then spending a few days passing through the uninhabited mountain range.

However, let alone zombies, even survivors wouldn’t choose such an extremely dangerous route.

It was clear that the security over there was the weakest and probably didn’t even have anyone to guard it.

“I don’t know. But, someone who is also the same as us, brought us over here.”

Yu Shi Ran displayed her specialty at betraying her teammates by saying all this without any hesitation.

But as she spoke, she also noticed that something was wrong.

“Human, what gives you the right to keep asking me questions?”

“I didn’t force you to answer them.” Ling Mo said with a straight face.

Another zombie…. According to the habits of zombies, if it was a zombie that was weaker than them, they would scornfully call it a low-level zombie.

If she called it the same as them, it probably meant that it’s another leader-level zombie just like her.

Yu Wen Xuan said that there was a leader-level zombie in A-City before. After being injured, they didn’t know where it went. They had thought it may have escaped….

But now it seems that this leader-level zombie didn’t escape, but went to find two teammates, using an unexpected method to sneak into the area where surviving humans camped.

“Being able to come up with such a method, the intelligence of this zombie … has at least reached the same level as Shana’s, which is almost the same as ordinary people….”

Ling Mo’s heart was somewhat shocked….

It’s unknown how long the zombies have snuck in, but it’s obvious that the Falcon camp was still unaware of it.

Three zombie leaders were enough to destroy the entire Falcon Camp. If that ever happens, they can just keep dreaming about opening an isolation zone in X-city. It would be a surprise if they could even keep the isolation zone in A-city!

Although Ling Mo didn’t intend to come into contact with any of the superiors of the Falcon Camp, he wasn’t going to just watch so many people die, and he definitely wasn’t going to leave Wu Peng Fei in such a fiery pit.

“What are you planning to do? It took so much effort for you to come here, it shouldn’t be because you wanted to BBQ and eat them, could it?”

Ling Mo expression suddenly turned gloomy as he asked.

Listening to Ling Mo’s words, the fat man who was hanging in midair began to struggle again.

“I also don’t know.” Yu Shi Ran replied without hesitation.

Zombies don’t lie. Since she said she didn’t know, that meant she really didn’t know….

However, this answer still made Ling Mo become stunned for a moment, and during that exact moment, Yu Shi Ran suddenly broke into a dash.

“Do you really think you can run away?!”

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