My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 354 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 354 Part 2 – I Will Definitely Eat You

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“She’s so much weaker than this person…. Why is she still acting so smug?”

The combination of being an underage Loli…. With no common sense, made Ling Mo feel stressful trying to understand her way of thinking.

However, her skills at betraying her teammates was extremely good….

“But shouldn’t he be injured?” Ling Mo asked. “Why would you guys still sneak in?”

“He didn’t tell me, he just told me to wait here, and left me some food.” Yu Shi Ran raised her finger with great difficulty and pointed at the fat man. Upon speaking of food, her spiritual fluctuations suddenly became fierce again, the virus hive inside her body got stimulated, and her recovery speed increased greatly. Ling Mo silently threw another spiritual strangulation attack onto her.

The fat man struggled once more, but was disregarded again.

“But this food smells so bad! However, you smell delicious…. this time, I must definitely eat….”

As Yu Shi Ran opened her mouth to speak, Ling Mo got a chance to look inside her mouth. He noticed that this Loli zombie really did bite the tip of her tongue.

Fortunately, the wound was located inside the mouth and the blood that leaked out was swallowed back by her, otherwise Ling Mo would have to figure out a way to control Shana and Hei Si if they were stimulated.

“You haven’t forgotten that you’re a prisoner right now, have you…… But, am I really that delicious?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask curiously as he looked up at Shana and Hei Si.

Hei Si cried out “AWOO” and nodded hard.

Shana wore a strange smile on her voice and was holding onto Hei Si’s tail as she whispered, “Brother Ling, you’re not a zombie, so you probably can’t understand it. Let’s just say for example, a mutant beast and a low-level zombie would taste like a normal steamed bun. It would keep you full, but it has no taste. Of course, the virus gel would naturally be an exception, the taste of this little thing could be compared with ordinary humans. Pure virus or pure human, both are equally delicious….”

“If we had to put it another way, humans were like a great meal! But different humans give off different tastes, and if you ask me…. I honestly think the taste depends on how hot the meal is cooked! But Brother Ling, your body is very special, you should probably already know that, right? I used to think that only pure things were delicious, but I didn’t expect that a human body is soaked with the virus would be something even more delicious …”

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Shana said, her eyes began to change a bit of color, and the hand holding the scythe began to tighten.

“Wake up….” Ling Mo’s scalp turned numb and he quickly used his tentacle to tap Shana’s head, pulling her back from her fantasies.

His girlfriend doesn’t fantasize about making love to him, but instead, fantasizes about eating him…. Mamma Mia!

“However, although Yu Shi Ran doesn’t know where Half-moon is or the purpose of her actions, she still knows a lot of other things. Hei Si, go stall Wen Xuan and the others. I’ll come over after I finish.”

Ling Mo could only think of this method for the time being. He wanted to try and take control of Yu Shi Ran. However, in order for him to seize control of her, it was necessary for her to be seriously injured.

Yu Shi Ran’s degree of evolution was similar to Shana’s. With Ling Mo’s current strength, he could now control two leader-level zombies, a mysterious creature, and Ye Lian, who was a step away from becoming a leader-level zombie. However, Ling Mo understood that he was only able to control all of them because their spiritual connection was built while they were at a lower point in evolution.

During their journey, the spiritual connection between them only solidified, and it hasn’t been shaken by their growth.

Ling Mo believed that his puppet ability was type of growing ability. If it was anyone else that had his ability, they most likely would have abandoned the original zombie and swapped it out with a stronger one after increasing their ability.

However, they wouldn’t know that helping the zombie evolve together, was the most effective way of using this ability.

With the method of replacing zombies, you could obviously gain more strength in a short time, but in the long run, it wasn’t as good as Ling Mo’s method.

Even if one had enough spiritual force, was it really so easy to control a leader-level zombie?

The biggest factor involved here would be the mental resistance from zombie.

As a zombie evolved, they would gain intelligence each time. Naturally, the smarter a zombie was, the greater the resistance it would give.

If you tried to control a zombie that have put up an extremely strong resistance, both sides are likely to be hurt.

This is why, although humans were weak, Ling Mo didn’t try to control them.

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