My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 355 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 355 Part 2 – Combination of Strongest Two: Fusion Technique

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Hei Si’s red bean-like eyes stared at Ling Mo. She had a very pleased expression on her face and gave Ling Mo a feeling that she wanted a reward.

“I don’t even know what you did, how could you still expect me to praise you?” Ling Mo sighed, speaking in an unhappy tone. Suddenly, he remembered, “Oh yes, ever since your spiritual force improved, it has become somewhat strange. I also felt that strangeness from before….”

He quickly began to scan Yu Shi Ran with his spiritual sense. After observing her for a while, the look on his face gradually became strange.

“It’s similar to my spiritual connection, but there are some differences. The spiritual connection is much weaker, but it can interfere with the receiving party’s actions…. Doesn’t this mean she can control over half her body? If that’s true, Yu Shi Ran can’t really be called a parasitic host no more. She would be more of a symbiotic host instead.”

Sure enough, once Yu Shi Ran discovered the strangeness, she didn’t immediately use her hands to pull off Hei Si.

Since they had a symbiotic relationship now, no matter who was hurt, it would definitely affect the other.

Hei Si and Yu Shi Ran combined and became a whole, thus greatly improving their survival rate by a whole level.

However, all benefits came with risk and Hei Si’s risk was that she must maintain the symbiosis in order to reap the benefits.

But compared to the gains, this risk was simply too worth it!

This is a leader-level zombie we’re talking about!

Moreover, as long as Hei Si was willing to, she could actually separate herself from Yu Shi Ran. This is what Ling Mo understood by looking at the extremely weak spiritual connection between them.

As a person who also had the ability to control others, cutting off the spiritual connection was something Ling Mo understood. He couldn’t even count how many times he had already done so.

Only there was a slight difference between his and Hei Si’s puppet ability. Unlike Ling Mo, Hei Si required to be physically “combined” with her target to be able to control her host.

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But even so, Hei Si was most likely unwilling to separate herself unless she encountered an even stronger zombie.

“She’s gotten really good at seizing golden opportunities….” Ling Mo sighed regrettably inside.

Since Hei Si had full control of Yu Shi Ran’s actions, the amount of danger she was emitting instantly dropped to zero.

But she completely retained her ability to think independently, so the situation became somewhat strange.


Yu Shi Ran roared out while she was holding onto Ling Mo’s leg, rubbing her face on it, and refusing to let go……


Ling Mo crouched down and looked at Yu Shi Ran. To be exact, he was looking at Hei Si, “Since you have a spiritual connection with me, doesn’t this mean this loli and I have an indirect connection as well? Let’s try something here. Don’t control any of her actions right now.”

“Brother Ling….” Shana was somewhat worried and quickly said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think she’ll attack.” Ling Mo faintly said with a smile.

But in reality, more than a dozen tentacles had burst out already, wrapping around Yu Shi Ran’s spiritual light ball!

Twenty spiritual tentacles were wrapped around her spiritual light ball, ready to act at any moment!

Although Ling Mo wore a calm expression on his face, he had already made all the necessary preparations lest things didn’t go his way.

Hei Si blinked her eyes and stopped using her ability. As soon as Yu Shi Ran was able to move again, she immediately opened her mouth and leaped up from Ling Mo’s legs, aiming for his vitals.

Shana’s eyes coldly glanced at Yu Shi Ran and the scythe in her hand moved and flashed with a cold light.

However, she didn’t but her scythe down….

Yu Shi Ran had opened her mouth, but didn’t have the intentions of biting down.

She looked up at Ling Mo, then showed a frustrated look, and sat down on the ground, “Hmph! … human.”


Ling Mo secretly sighed and relaxed the palm that was covered in cold sweat.

That was so close. He almost used his spiritual strangulation attack….

In fact, this experiment of his couldn’t really be considered a risk. Li Ya Lin and Hei Si were both living examples. After being controlled by Ling Mo, although both of them didn’t become close overnight, they both never attacked Ling Mo.

Although the conditions of Hei Si were somewhat special, it was essentially the same.

The final result also proved that Ling Mo’s train of thought was correct.

Most importantly, Ling Mo discovered that he was able to penetrate into Yu Shi Ran’s mind with his spiritual tentacles through Hei Si!

During such a critical moment, Ling Mo felt his spiritual force pass through Hei Si, which then entered Yu Shi Ran causing a slight effect on her.

This was basically the same as having a safe way in controlling her! Although it may take a bit more time, Yu Shi Ran could be considered as being under his control indirectly right now.

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