My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 356 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 356 Part 2 – Real Life Sex Doll

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“That’s enough, calm down already. I’m a fucking human.” Ling Mo frowned.

Shana said, “He can’t calm down. He’s scared shitless to point that he won’t be able to hear anything you say. Plus….”

She lifted her foot and kicked the fat man until he was lying on his side, then used the blade of her scythe to lift up his sweaty hair.

Ling Mo didn’t know what had happened to him, so he stretched his neck to take a look. He then suddenly felt a chill in his back.

“Yu Shi Ran! Come here.” Ling Mo quickly called her back. He pointed at the back of the fatty’s head, which was badly mutilated, and asked, “How did this happen?”

After Yu Shi Ran took a look at the fatty, she said, “Can’t you tell? He is a human with special abilities and his power should be related to his brain. So breaking his head open would make him lose his powers….”

“Never mind, I can’t even understand what you’re talking about.” Ling Mo quickly interrupted her.

Shana put her index finger on her chin and began to translate for Yu Shi Ran, “She said that this human is a spiritual type psychic just like you. I’m guessing he’s the psychic who’s responsible for guarding this area that Yu Wen Xuan was talking about.”

“Am I right?” She asked softly. However, her actions seemed a little unfriendly. She had stopped the blade of her scythe in front of the fatty’s eyes, making a “shua” sound.

The sense of death spurred the fat man back to reality. He trembled from head to toe and then nodded slowly. He shivered and said, “Yes…. Save……”

“As for breaking his head open to cause him to lose his abilities, I don’t really think that’s possible. However, it can definitely make him dizzy, causing both his physical and spiritual strength decline rapidly…. Actually, this method technically gets the job done.” Shana continued.

Ling Mo glanced at her with surprise and nodded, “Sure enough, you are a star student. Breaking open the head…. It’s amazing how zombies can even have such kind of straight thinking.”

“In addition, this guy isn’t far from death. He exerted all his strength in that last struggle basically killing himself.” Shana added.

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Seeing the fatty’s gaze start to lose focus again, Ling Mo could tell it was the truth.

With such a wound on his head…. Even if Ling Mo had immediately helped the fat man, he would have still died no matter what.

“This person died very wrongly.” Ling Mo said uncomfortably and glared at Yu Shi Ran.

Yu Shi Ran coldly snorted, “Why are you looking at me like this? This wasn’t something Half-moon or I did. Besides, how is this any different to when you guys hang livestock on a hanger and let it slowly bleed to death? At least this method allowed him a painless death.”

“It doesn’t matter. In any case, since you’re now Hei Si’s symbiotic host, don’t even think about touching human flesh or blood.”

Ling Mo was a little annoyed and waved his hand as he said this.

The fat man died very quickly just like Shana predicted. That last struggle from before exhausted his only means at surviving.

But until his last breath, his eyes were wide open and there was a sentence that was stuck in his throat, “Save…. Save….”

“Ai[1], you just aren’t lucky.” Ling Mo thought and pulled down a curtain to cover him.

After walking out of the furniture store, Shana kicked a ragged wall.


After a muffled sound, the wall fell down and buried the fat man completely.

“Are you trying to give him a proper burial?” Ling Mo asked with some relief.

Shana stared at him blankly, “I’m destroying evidence. We don’t even know how long we’re going to be here. If his corpse is discovered, it would be very dangerous for us to continue if they carry out a large search.”

“I seriously didn’t think of this. As your boyfriend, I really failed in protecting you…. I’m sorry, my mind is a bit messy right now.” Ling Mo sighed and said.

On the way back, Shana suddenly whispered and asked, “Brother Ling, why were you suddenly so angry? Seeing a dead person should be normal for you by now. Even if you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t have that big of a reaction. You have never acted like this before.”

[1] – A sound that Chinese people make to sigh.

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