My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 357 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 357 Part 1 – I Will Politely Accept Your Sausage

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“The evolution of zombies is way beyond my imagination.” Ling Mo muttered.

Shana thought for a moment and said, “Are you talking about what happened to the fat man?”

“En, that leader-level zombie has already learned to treat psychics differently, not only that, it has also learned to treat each psychic differently based on what type of superpower the psychic has.” Ling Mo frowned and said, “I suspect that this zombie isn’t just a leader-level zombie anymore, but a zombie that has already reached a realm that we haven’t seen before yet.”

“Oh…you’re right, the war forced the humans to improve, which also stimulated the zombie’s evolution in the process. But isn’t this a good thing? This would allow us to know in advance what the next evolution is like, so that we can have some sort of guide for us to follow when we evolve. Or do you prefer letting us temper ourselves by staying in this type of environment? Although I would be quite happy about that….” Shana said with a smile.

Ling Mo’s face immediately turned serious, “Don’t you even think about it. I’m pretty sure that I already said this, but I don’t think of you girls as just ordinary zombies. Evolution is indeed important, but in the end, nothing is more important than your safety. However, having high intelligence is just one aspect that worries me. Another thing that worries me is the change that has occurred in the way zombies are hunting.”

After listening to Ling Mo’s words, Shana nodded and said, “It’s still related to the fatty….”

“I had already known that zombies had a habit of hunting and storing food, but you should remember that all the “stored food” we found at X-City University, were all dead. But now, there are already zombies learning how to keep their prey alive. I feel terrified just thinking about this.”

Ling Mo suddenly took a deep breath and muttered, “In the future…. will zombies treat humans as livestock?”

As he said this, he looked up to the sky. Looking out from the cracks in the building, the winter sky looked very dark, as if it was displaying the disparity of the human race in the near future.

In fact, it was until this moment, Ling Mo realized that no matter what, he was still a human.
As long as this fact didn’t change, he couldn’t completely ignore the dark future that might happen to the human race.

“Let this be a friendly reminder, but the person you’re talking to now is also a zombie.” Shana sighed, then slowly reached out and put her small hand on Ling Mo’s palm, “But fortunately, I also have human memories and emotions, so I can understand how you feel. At one point, I also experienced this nagging problem. However, thinking about this unsolvable problem too much will just make your head explode, maybe even causing you to mentally break down.”

“The best solution is not to think about it. Just do what you feel is right and follow your heart. Young people should be trying to make children instead of thinking about such confusing things all day …”

“That’s true.” Ling Mo gave a small self-deprecating smile and nodded. “I think my thinking was a little too extreme. Even if zombies wanted to treat humans as livestock, humans still have the capabilities to resist. At least for now, humans are still strong enough to build such a big isolation zone while being surrounded by zombies.”

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Unexpectedly, after Shana successfully solved the issue of her double-personality, she became so calm, and his psychological problems were all solved by her.

“Hmph, he’s just a human, how dare he yell at me…. But why do I feel like I can’t fight when I want to attack him? It must be related to this strange creature, right?”

Yu Shi Ran followed from a distance, staring at Ling Mo’s back, and thinking to herself, “And I’m trying to run away, but my body isn’t listening to me … and this creature is constantly sucking the fluids in my body! It’s making me feel soft and weak from head to toe …”

She touched Hei Si, who was attached to her neck, and wrinkled her nose, “Forget it, I won’t understand it anyways. Half-moon will eventually come find me and when she does, I’ll be saved. I can only wait until then…. Hmph! Human, didn’t you want me to follow behind you. For the sake of your delicious sausage, I’ll endure it for now. When Half-moon saves me, at that time, I’ll gratefully accept your sausage.”

“Ah-choo! [1]

Ling Mo suddenly sneezed.

Shana quickly clenched Ling Mo’s hand and asked with some concern, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, probably just the wind….”

to be continued…

[1] – A Chinese superstition that regards sneezing as a good or bad omen; sneezing once dictates that someone is speaking ill of you; sneezing twice means you’re being missed by someone; three times, someone is in love with you.

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