My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 357 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 357 Part 2 – I Will Politely Accept Your Sausage

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Once they got close to Yu Wen Xuan and the others, Hei Si and Yu Shi Ran disappeared without Ling Mo needing to ask.

However, he could still sense their general location through the weak spiritual connection he had with them.

In this way, he wouldn’t need to worry about them being discovered by Yu Wen Xuan……

“Hey, you guys are back!” Yu Wen Xuan greeted him with excitement and looked at the maid girl. “Ehhh? Why does she seem slightly different from before?”

Ling Mo was suddenly shocked. Could it be that Yu Wen Xuan was pretending to be a pig, to eat the tiger [1] the whole time? Was he able to see that the soul inside was completely different?

Yu Wen Xuan mysteriously approached Ling Mo and asked in a whisper, “Tell me the truth, did you spend five minutes to go one round [2] with her? This isn’t right man, your main target should be Ya Lin. Don’t you feel sorry for my cousin when you waste your seeds like that?”

“Don’t you feel sorry for your cousin when you say stuff like this?” Ling Mo breathed a sigh of relief. This dumbass was actually having dirty thoughts….

After thinking for a moment, he couldn’t help but ask, “However, what makes you think I did anything with her?”

“Hehe……” Hearing Yu Wen Xuan laugh, Ling Mo felt goosebumps rise on his skin. “It’s very simple. Don’t you think the way she’s walking is a bit weird?”

“Weird your head! She’s only walking like that because I’m controlling her. It would really be weird if I could actually make her walk like a girl!”

Ling Mo stared at Yu Wen Xuan disdainfully.

“Whoops, I almost forgot our main purpose. What did you guys see over there?” Yu Wen Xuan curiously asked.

Shana was conveniently walking past them and casually said, “It was just two members of the patrol team making out.”

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“Wow!” Yu Wen Xuan immediately showed an extremely excited look. Because of Shana’s cold expression, it was difficult for him to see that she was just kidding.

Even Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie believed Shana. However, both of them had different reactions to her words. One of them got closer to hear more, while the other one quickly shunned away.

“But….” Yu Wen Xuan frowned abruptly. “I remember that in this defensive line, all the patrol members … were men.”

He cast an inquiring expression to Shana, but saw her innocent face showing truthful expression.

Yu Wen Xuan was completely stunned and his expression was dull for a while. He suddenly started to beat his chest and said, “This long-term defense must have led to a massive amount of mental stress. The boring life they had here pushed them to a road of loneliness and emptiness, and resulted in this? The soldiers were already so hungry and thirsty for women, that even their fellow man had turned ok for them. I didn’t even notice it. I really neglected my duties…. They must be very disappointed with me.”

“En, if they heard your words right now, they really would fall in despair.”

Ling Mo thought to himself that there were two zombie leaders, who have most likely sneaked into the camp. His experimented corpse was still in the isolation zone, but there was already a corpse buried under the rubble.

Although it doesn’t seem like a problem right now, eventually that body will be found. Time was running out and they needed to move quickly.

“Wen Xuan, quickly lead the way. We must enter the isolation zone by today.” Ling Mo said.

“Okay, you can definitely count on me.”

With the experience of passing the first defensive line, the two subsequent defensive lines was much quicker for them to pass through safely.

After crossing the third defensive line, they saw people roaming around the streets.

This place was already far from the zombie area and the atmosphere here was completely different.

Some people were pushing some carts, cleaning up the ruins, and some children were chasing and playing with each other in the empty streets. It was as if there was a completely different world in here.

“This is still the periphery. The amount of people you see now is roughly 90% less than usual since most of the young and middle-aged people was sent to X-City to prepare for war.” Yu Wen Xuan said.

Due to the lack of people and the fact that they would encounter some soldiers on patrol, everyone remained vigilant.

After crossing several streets in a row and entering the downtown area, the streets was much cleaner.

The ruins here have all been basically cleaned up. Except for the silence, there wasn’t a big difference, when compared to how it used to look.

When they reached here, Yu Wen Xuan became very relaxed and no longer seemed to be worried about being discovered.

[1] “Pretending to be a pig means “hiding one’s real strength”, and “(can) eat a tiger” contains some kind of feeling of “surprise attack”.

[2] another way of saying a round of sex.

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