My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 358 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 358 Part 1 – My Dream Is To Have A Happy Sex Life

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

However, Ling Mo still carefully observed Yu Wen Xuan for a while, before he gradually lowered his guard. Yu Wen Xuan’s behavior was just too risky and could court disasters if Ling Mo wasn’t careful.

The situation in A-City’s isolation zone was very different from what he had imagined. He expected to see a very lively scene. However, it was the complete opposite.

There would occasionally be a few people walking around. Half of them were old people taking care of children, while the other half were camp members.

It’s not that surprising if you think about it. With so many people being transferred to X-City, how could A-City have that many survivors left in the isolation zone?

It seems that the Falcon Camp has put all their hopes and resources into the X-City War. In fact, Ling Mo was still somewhat doubtful of the Falcon Camp’s decision.

It’s true that while A-City lacked resources, however, it at least had a natural barrier that helped protect their isolation zone. Once the isolation zone was established in X-City, in order to protect it, they would need to construct a huge fortification project. Once war broke out, it would definitely turn into a long-lasting battle of attrition. The zombies would harass the survivors, while the survivors would resist while making repairs.

But after seeing the fighting power of those zombies, Ling Mo felt that the Falcon Camp had done a great job in this regard!

No matter how wide the river was, it wouldn’t be able to keep the zombies on the other side forever.  With such a huge number of humans attracting them across the river, similar to a carrot being held in front of a donkey, motivating them to constantly evolve to cross the river.

It would be better putting the survivors in an environment that was extremely dangerous, but filled with resources, forcing them to grow together with the zombies.


Yu Wen Xuan suddenly yelled and interrupted Ling Mo’s train of thoughts.

A middle-aged man who was across the street heard the sound and then jogged to Wen Xuan.

“What are you doing?” Ling Mo frowned and muttered.

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“This person is a member of the laboratory. I’m going to ask him about the situation here. You shouldn’t always think that I’ll fuck up, you can trust me.” Yu Wen Xuan acting as if he was wronged, said, making Ling Mo wish he could punch him in the face.

Ling Mo used his spiritual sense and found that Hei Si and Yu Shi Ran were still following behind them. With their hiding abilities, others wouldn’t be able to find them unless they were a spiritual type psychic with the ability to detect others.

There is a saying that “the most dangerous place is also the safest place.” There are definitely a lot of psychics in the isolation zone, but who would be bored enough to use their spiritual force to scan around? Not to mention, it could also cause problems if they provoked the wrong person.

The middle-aged man looked very tired. After running over and arriving in front of them, he was slightly surprised to see Ling Mo’s group, “Captain Yu, when did you come back? And they are?”

Wu Peng Fei was calm, but Ronnie’s heartbeat accelerated immediately. She looked at Yu Wen Xuan nervously, then looked at Ling Mo, waiting to see how they would respond.

“Oh… I just wanted to ask you how is the situation in the lab now? I heard you guys received a truckload of mutated beast corpses a couple of days ago.” Yu Wen Xuan pinched his hair and said.

Although his question was completely ignored, the middle-aged man seemed to be very accustomed to this. He nodded and replied, “Look at the dark circles under my eyes. The laboratory was already extremely busy with all the stuff it needed to do. The corpses are still waiting to be dissected. Unfortunately, there aren’t any zombie corpses. And also, I heard that X-City has another kind of zombie…. Mutant Zombies!”

“Go across the river and go catch some.” Yu Wen Xuan said seriously.

“You should go for me.” The middle-aged man scratched his head, which didn’t have much hair on it. He sadly said, “We already made four or five attempts by now, didn’t even catch any, and ended up with a lot of death casualties. The only time we caught one, it struggled so hard that it died on the way back…..”

He muttered a few words, only to find Wen Xuan wasn’t listening at all. However, the young man standing next to Wen Xuan was listening seriously.

“Could you guys be the new people that Captain Yu brought back from X-City? The new survivors? Did you all register yet?”

The middle-aged man had just asked two sentences and was interrupted by Wen Xuan, “Are you going back to the lab now?”

“Ah? Yes, as a matter of fact, just a moment ago, I went to the headquarters to deliver some documents.”

The middle-aged man lifted his finger and pointed to the direction that he just came from. Ling Mo followed his finger and saw an antique building covered by trees.

Yu Wen Xuan said “Oh.” and then asked, “Are there a lot of people in the lab now?”

“We’re so busy, what do you think?”

After the middle-aged man left, Yu Wen Xuan turned to Ling Mo and said, “It seems that we can only wait until nighttime.”

“I didn’t expect that your unreliable personality could actually come in handy at some point.” Ling Mo couldn’t help but compliment him.

If it was another person that talked so suspiciously, people would have long noticed that there was something wrong. However, Wen Xuan had a very “unconventional” personality and most likely everyone that knew him, heard that about him. Other people would only think that he wasn’t interested in the topic if he completely ignored them.

to be continued….

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