My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 358 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 358 Part 2 – My Dream Is To Have A Happy Sex Life

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Right now, they still had some time before the nighttime and Wen Xuan proposed to take Ling Mo and the group to his residence.

The place where he lived was nearby, and after crossing several streets they entered an old-fashioned “inn”.

This kind of building in X-city was rare, but as a tourist city, the buildings in A-city were mainly built with an antique style.

Although he lived in a building made from reinforced concrete for twenty years, Ling Mo really like this type of antique building.

In his youth, he had also dreamed of looking for a place like this for him and Ye Lian to live in. Shamelessly living a happy sexual life [1]… No, a happy life for a lifetime….

But who could have thought that when he really stepped into such a place, it would be so far from his fantasies.

“This whole courtyard is mine, so you can rest easy while we’re here. Feel free to use anything inside the house. Also… you two should come with me. We might as well take this time to register you both since we aren’t doing anything, otherwise I will probably forget.” Wen Xuan said with a smile, as he led Ling Mo and the others into an empty room.

“There aren’t even any stools. What could we possibly even use in this place? And how could you forget about two living people?”

Ling Mo cursed silently and said to Wu Peng Fei, “Go with him. Needless to say, he is such an unreliable person. If you don’t go with him now, he might actually forget about the two of you.”

They weren’t like him after all. Ling Mo was only here to steal the experimental body, but Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie were here to join them.

“En. Don’t worry, I know how to handle it. Anyways, we’re just two ordinary people, how could they give us trouble when they’re so busy right now?” Wu Peng Fei patted his chest and said.

Ronnie was still very nervous and she couldn’t help but frown at Ling Mo.

“You need to relax a bit; it’s not like we’re asking you to fight against zombies. Plus, you got Wen Xuan with you don’t you?” Ling Mo sighed and said softly.

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Ronnie was too nervous and stuttered, “I… I just….”

She was so surprised. She didn’t expect the cold Ling Mo would actually care about her at this time……

“You’re too nervous, I’m worried that you might actually drag down my brother.”

Ronnie’s face suddenly turned red as she angrily glared at Ling Mo, “You…. AHH!!!! MAKE ME SO MAD!!!

“That’s much better, being mad looks so much better than looking nervous. At least now you don’t look like you’re guilty.” Ling Mo touched his nose and nodded.

After Wen Xuan left with them, Ling Mo quickly and carefully closed the courtyard door.

When he turned to look at the few rooms, he suddenly found that every door was opened.

Soon, Ye Lian ran out of a room and waved a can in her hand, “Brother…. Brother Ling, I found….”

Ling Mo was stunned, and then revealed a smile of encouragement, “Well done, we might as well take this opportunity to clean out everything in his house. Anyways, he did say that everything in this house was free for us to use.”

Ya Lin also rushed out of a room with a crossbow, “Look at this, if Ye Lian used this, wouldn’t that be beneficial? He has a large collection by the way.”

Ling Mo felt surprised and quickly ran towards the room.

This room was full of weapons. Guns hung on the wall, boxes of bullets were piled up in a corner, and a large kitchen knife that only God knows where he got it from, was placed on the bed. In addition, lots of other tools were thrown everywhere across the room.

Who would have thought that Wen Xuan was actually that rich! Ling Mo thought and sighed.

From this point, he could see the difference between being a camp member and being a lone survivor like him. The amount of resources that were collected was much more than what Ling Mo could have ever collected by himself.

Not to mention, attaining the captain’s position would definitely get him even more privileges. With guns and ammunition being so scarce, he actually had more than a dozen guns lying around here.

“Very nice….” Ling Mo rubbed his hands and revealed a strange smile, “Senior Sister, what should we do after finding your cousin’s little treasure room?

“He already said it, we can use anything we want.” Ya Lin said with a smile.

[1] – Sexual life sounds the same as lifetime.

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