My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 359 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 359 Part 1 – Evil Demon, Have A Taste Of My Gun!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

After reaching that conclusion, Ye Lian and Ya Lin stopped being polite and started search randomly.

Having said that, they’ve never been polite….

The knives in this country have always been strictly controlled. You wouldn’t be able to find other types of knives outside of those ordinary ones found in the supermarket. These knives are mainly used for cutting vegetables only, and maybe people too with enough force, but it would be too difficult to cut zombies.

If you tried to use ordinary kitchen knives to cut through bone, how much effort would be needed to cut it off? If this type of knives were used to cut zombies, it would literally be trying to die.

Other than the blades and knives made from Shana’s family, the only other types of blades that could actually be used to cut zombies with, would be those tactical knives that were issued or collected by the military.

However, Wen Xuan’s home was probably the most well-equipped place that Ling Mo has ever seen for such a wide variety of mixed-weapons. There were many useless items, but there were also many good items as well.

It would be such a waste to not take advantage of this golden opportunity….

“Shana, look, this crossbow arrow is awfully similar to the one made by your family…. huh?”

Ling Mo picked up the arrow and looked at it carefully, then couldn’t help but smile. But when he turned around, he discovered that Shana wasn’t behind him.

“That’s right, I didn’t see her just now either, where did she run off to…. Hmm, she’s in the backyard.”

After sensing her with his spiritual sense, Ling Mo walked down the corridor towards the backyard.

Unlike the messy front yard, there was a single suite in the backyard which was well decorated. At first glance, you could tell that this was the vip room at this inn.

“He actually didn’t turn such a good room into a bedroom. I honestly don’t understand what Wen Xuan is thinking….”

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Ling Mo sighed as he unceremoniously opened the door and went in.

However, just as he stepped into the room, Ling Mo was shocked.

The reason was very simple. The furnishings of this room … was too damn special!

In front of him was a taishi chair, which sat an inflatable doll, wearing a sexy costume, surrounded by spare chairs with an empty chair next to it right in the middle. A similar model was also standing behind the empty chair.

Ling Mo tried to sit on the chair, he discovered that the models hands were placed in a position so that when he sat down, it would directly be placed on his shoulders.

Adding the inflatable doll that was nearby into the picture, it gave the scene of a pair of servants serving and massaging their master.

But Ling Mo, who was sitting in the chair, couldn’t help but feel a bit creeped out.

It seems that this room was actually Wen Xuan’s real treasure room. However, Ling Mo felt that Wen Xuan’s taste didn’t really match him.

“I had thought that people like him wouldn’t have the need for sex or even the instincts to masturbate. I didn’t expect that he would be so oppressed to this point.”

Ling Mo stood up with a disgusted face and walked into the bedroom on the left, following the direction of his spiritual sense.

There was an extremely beautiful carved bed in this bedroom, which was well covered and didn’t even have any wrinkles on the sheets.

There was only one problem. There was an inflatable doll lying naked on the ground, directly in front of the bed, giving the feeling that someone was murdered during their wedding night [1].

to be continued….

[1] – Wedding night in chinese culture means the night the couples first have sex as a married couple.

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