My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 359 Part 3

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 359 Part 3 – Evil Demon, Have A Taste Of My Gun!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

This girl in the red dress was currently sitting on top of him, with both her soft pale hands pressed against his chest.

Her long hair hung from both sides as she looked at him from above with her blood-red pupils, making her look captivating.

“Say something.” Shana stared at him and muttered.

“Eh…. you’re like a succubus in a red dress…” Ling Mo was already stunned by her beauty.

The corner of Shana’s mouth curved slightly, and she used her ass to rub against Ling Mo’s little buddy, “So you’re the shut-in bookworm now [1]?”

“Nonsense, I’m the exorcist that came to take care of the demon!”

“Isn’t that from the West? [2]”

“Ugh, I don’t care anymore! Demon, have a taste of my gun!

On the carved bed, the two figures rolled into a ball. From time to time, Shana’s laughter could be heard.

The scythe was placed on the wall, reflecting the figures of two people embracing each other.


“What’s wrong?”

“How do I take off this ancient dress?”

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As the sounds of tearing echoed out, countless pieces of red yarn flew out of the bed immediately, and a perfect body that was half covered appeared in front of Ling Mo.

“It’s going to be okay, the virus in your body is enough to withstand it….” Shana whispered as she reached out and stopped Ling Mo, who was just about to take out his little buddy.

This was one of the most beautiful words of love that Ling Mo has heard….

Although they were very violent when it came to tearing off their clothes, Ling Mo became very gentle when they were about to become one.

In the spiritual world, he had already been one with the two Shana’s, but physically, this was the first time.

“Does it hurt?” Ling Mo said as he reached out and touched Shana’s cheek.

Shana widened her eyes as she looked at him and suddenly grabbed his shoulder. The two immediately turned and exchanged positions.

“Are all men idiots when they fall in love? I’m a zombie! Why would it hurt!”

Saying this, Shana grabbed Ling Mo’s little buddy and then sat down slowly.

When the two finally joined together, a stream of heat quickly rushed into Ling Mo’s body from his little buddy.

The blood of a zombie’s first time!

The extremely pure virus that started from his little buddy began to wreak havoc in his body.


Ling Mo felt as if his whole body was burning, and all of his strength was concentrated into his little buddy!

He needed to vent it all out! He wanted to be completely integrated with the girl in front of him!

While Shana was in the middle of shouting, Ling Mo had already turned her over and pressed her under his body.

And soon, this expensive carved bed started to make “squeaky” sounds….

With the help of Shana’s blood, Ling Mo’s physical strength at this time was completely inexhaustible!

The virus that was constantly flowing inside Shana’s body was being absorbed by Ling Mo.

And the huge stimulation that Ling Mo brought her, let Shana’s spiritual force reach the peak once again!

[1] – They’re obviously doing some role-playing here.

[2] – West meaning western, anything not Asian related lol.

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