My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 36


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 36 – Return my first time

When Ling Mo last saw Wang Rin, he thought that he had left her for dead with the mutated zombies. His last thoughts of her was that delicate beautiful girl being turned into a pile of bones as her flesh was being ripped apart by the horde. He could not have expected that he would actually see Wang Rin alive, much less here at the same camp!

And Wang Rin also blandly looked up, about to give the standard introductory talks to yet another group of survivors. But after seeing the group of people standing by the door, she immediately widened her eyes, her whole body “teng” jumped up from the chair, a slender arm lifted up, pointing them, she tightly and tensely said: “you you you…”

“Hey, you guys know big sister Wang Rin?” Li Yu’s surprisingly asked, having no idea of their past relationships.

Big sister?! This girl who looked at most seventeen or eighteen years old, you big man is calling her big sister? Ling Mo still did not completely recover, then went into a shock, his eyes looked to Li Yu also suddenly become somewhat incredulous.

Li Yu blushed after looking at Ling Mo, he whispered: “big sister Rin is very strong, sometimes even the boss could not control her, last time she even took the boss back to home…..”

Before he was finished, Wang Rin has took a deep breath, strangely returned to calmness, she walked slowly in front of Ling Mo and his people, with some strange eyes, one by one looked at them.

Just as Ling Mo is still trying to think of a way to open the conversation, Wang Rin has already spoken with a slight tone of disdain: “yo, Shana, you are still not dead ah?”

Ling Mo’s heart suddenly made a “thump” sound! He was too much in shock the moment before; he forgot that this chick is Shana’s relative! But listen to Wang Rin’s cold tone, it seems like she have some faint hostility towards Shana? But think about her expression a moment ago, it was obviously very excited, but when she spoke, it has turned to be very cold. This Wang Rin, must really hate her guts!

Hearing someone shouting her name, Shana actually gave little reaction. Her dazed eyes turned toward Wang Rin, after glancing back, she actually silently looked away.

This is not because of her haughty attitude, but the after effects after been infected and become a zombie.

But Wang Rin knew nothing, seeing Shana giving this reaction, suddenly emerged a hint of anger: “being an ice queen? Sure, people like you will never die, but seeing I am still alive, don’t you feel very disappointed?”

Obviously Shana will not answer, and Ling Mo is suddenly showing a hint of a strange look.

But listening to Wang Rin’s tone, it’s not only sour, but still seemed a bit aggravated?

Was it because that Shana’s reaction is too calm after seeing her? But if it’s Ye Lian, Ling Mo could still manipulate her to suggest some reaction, such as nodding and shaking her head, but Shana… able to suppress her and not attack randomly is already good, he could only make her follow him by forcibly controlling her movements. Even though she is not a mutated zombie, but the difficulty of manipulation is not any lower than mutated zombies, but even more complicated.

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Had Ling Mo’s spiritual power not gone through evolution, he really could not be able to control both Ye Lian and Shana at the same time, much less continue it at non-stop.

Shana is not speaking, Wang Rin gave another heavy cold sneer, looking at Ling Mo and his people, her expression has become even more bitter: “who the f*** are you guys?”

Ling Mo suddenly froze for a moment, but then he showed a hint of smile. He indeed remembered this chick, even felt a bit sad for her supposed “death”, but never thought this chick completely did not know himself! He was glad that she did not go Lu Xian’s route and try to exact vengeance on him.

It’s no wonder, no matter from which point of view, Ling Mo is the most normal person, thrown into the crowd and no one would take another look. Even though this chick met with him face to face a few times, but it’s normal to not remember. Since he is just a nondescript ordinary person?

On the contrary Liu Yu Hao suddenly said with a little surprise: “Rin….seems like Shana has a cousin named Wang Rin!”

“Humph!” Wang Rin gave an unhappy cold cry, looked at Shana sideways, seeing that Shana is still not showing any reactions, her eyes suddenly expressing fire. But just she was about to get angry; she suddenly caught the short knife by Ling Mo’s waist.

This time her attention immediately shifted away from Shana to Ling Mo. From the start when Ling Mo walked in, Wang Rin did not see him properly, but right now is locking her eyes on Ling Mo’s body: “hey, you are the one that stole my short knife! How could you be with Shana?”

“Steal? What is stealing! In the end of the world, a completely abandoned shop, anyone could walk in. Or else you want to say that mutated zombie is the owner?

But Wang Rin seemed to be indicating something else! Could it be that on the day when he went into the Wang’s handmade sword shop, this chick is hiding somewhere and peeping?

Ling Mo is still thinking, when he looked towards Wang Rin’s eyes, it seemed to reveal this kind of meaning.

“See what! Right, give me back my knife! I made it, how dare you taunt me by holding it right in front of my eyes!” Wang Rin stared at Ling Mo once, then barked very bluntly.

Return back the knife? At first Ling Mo was stunned, then his shocking expression slowly faded away, replaced by a little touch of indifference, and some gloomy. Indeed, Wang Rin initially made this cold knife, but it was Ling Mo who took the risk and pried it out of a mutated zombie’s cold claws for it! Right now this chick is standing before him with a breeze, extending her hand to ask him to return back the knife, where could you find something this cheap?

Moreover, for this knife, Ling Mo had already paid a certain “price,” and that is helping Shana and her people break into The Third High. Reasonable in the circumstances, he does not owe Wang Rin anything.

Looking at Wang Rin with an impatient look, Ling Mo somewhat coldly asked: “ why should I return it to you?”

Wang Rin was suddenly stunned, and Li Yu on the side is looking at Ling Mo with a somewhat baffled look, secretly tugged Ling Mo’s sleeve: “this is big sister Wang Rin’s treasured blade, you dare to keep it? Return it to her at once.” His expression right now is filled with regret, if he knew that the people he brought back would get into conflict with Wang Rin at first meeting, he would not have bothered.

But Ling Mo only gave a grunt, and did not answer. But his expression is clearly indicating his resolve. This short knife, he will not take it out.

“What do you mean by why??” After Wang Rin returned to her senses, she immediately said with a raging tone, “this knife is originally made by me, and it is the first finished product that I am satisfied! You went into my family’s shop, took the knife I made, how could it be any different than a thief? Right now the owner is asking you to return it, and you dare to ask why??”

Wang Rin’s cold tone is making Ling Mo feeling very uncomfortable. A deep sense of superiority, and there was that high above the momentum all showing that this seemingly sick chick, exudes sheer style in her command.

Not to mention Ling Mo, even Liu Yu Hao’s eyes looked to Wang Rin have become somewhat unhappy. His is secretly thinking in his heart that even thought they are cousins, but Wang Rin is much less compared to Shana….

As for Wang Cheng, he is somewhat looking at Wang Rin warily, and quietly went back a step or two. He did not want to be involved in this dispute. Wang Rin seemed to have some status in this survivor camp, but Ling Mo’s strength also left Wang Cheng a deep impression these two days.

He even had the feeling that though Wang Rin spoke very bluntly, her look also seemed vicious, but Ling Mo will not buy it….

But at this time, the inside door suddenly opened, and a man about thirty walked out. He was clearly alarmed by Wang Rin’s brawl, as soon as he walked out he asked depressingly: “Wang Rin, who are you with in a argument again?”

Seeing Ling Mo and his people, this man suddenly froze for a moment, especially when he saw Shana, his expression becomes somewhat wonderful.

The same as when Ling Mo saw Wang Rin, this man’s eyes looked towards Shana also seemed like seeing a ghost.

“This…Wang Rin’s cousin…a few days when we went to her house, weren’t’ there no more living people?” The man blurted out, without noticing that Wang Rin’s ugly face stared at him.

Ling Mo’s brows raised, he thought in his heart that maybe this girl is really cold outside but warm inside towards Shana…

But this does not mean that Ling Mo will be impressed, no matter what, something he took risk to acquire he will not return it back to Wang Rin.

“You are also here!” The man quickly turned to Ling Mo, and spoke to him as if he already knew Ling Mo, “that day when you killed that mutated zombie, I also seen that, you are very powerful! Did not think that you would be coming to our camp with Wang Rin’s cousin…this beauty is the one that were with you that day right?”

Then Li Yu also timely interrupted: “this is our big boss Song. Boss, these people are the ones we met at The Third High district.”

“What boss, just call me Song Tian.” Song Tian smiled.

Ling Mo deliberately ignored Wang Rin who is glaring at his eyes, also smiled and said: “I am Ling Mo, with Shana….and Wang Rin’s cousin is…..”

Speaking to here, Ling Mo himself is somewhat tangled, right now Shana is a bona fide zombie, if Ling Mo slips up for a second she will be a monster. But with Shana’s strength, and his hearts some faint trace of bearing, Ling Mo does not want to give up on Shana.

Therefore Shana’s relationship and him should temporarily be….”Friends, I am Shana’s friend. And these two boys are Shana’s classmates.” Ling Mo said.

“It really is fate!” Song Tian literally clapped his hands, and his face emerged a hint of embarrassed look, “Wang Rin, you still miss your knife?”

“Of course!” Wang Rin’s brow rose, said with a natural course, “it’s Ling Mo right? Hurry up and return me my knife!”

“No!” Ling Mo also answered firmly, “this knife is made by you, but it was me who took the risk and got it out. You say you want it now, this is really gangster logic?”

Hearing Ling Mo rejected her directly, Wang Rin’s face immediately turned very ugly.

But Song Tian laughed “ Haha”, spoke with some rounds, “Wang Rin, knock it out, we will talk about the knife case later, you finally see your cousin, why don’t we ask them to stay first. What do you say, Mr. Ling?”

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