My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 360 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 360 Part 1 – Change Your Personality And Let’s Try Again

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301



The intense beating of Ling Mo’s heart and the strong pleasure that he felt from his body made his mind go blank.

Unconsciously, countless spiritual tentacles drilled out from his brain and wandered on to Shana’s body.

Climbing to the peak again and again, Shana’s spiritual energy was in a constant state of violent fluctuations.

When his tentacle entered Shana’s spiritual ball of light, Ling Mo suddenly felt as if he was in two different worlds at the same time!

Inside the spiritual world, there was also another Shana!

The color of this Shana’s eyes gradually changed from a faint red to black before her appearance was Silly Shana’s.

While the eyes of the girl who was being pressed under Ling Mo’s body were completely blood red.

“The one inside the body is Dark Shana and the one in the spiritual world is Silly Shana…. I can’t favor one and discriminate against the other!”

“HUU!” Ling Mo quickly opened his mouth and gasped for air as a few tentacles instantly penetrated into Shana’s spiritual world.

The scene he saw resembled the feeling of movie scenes being shot, constantly alternating.

“AHH!” Silly Shana let out a cry as she was wrapped up by the tentacles and was quickly stripped of her clothes.

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Reaching peak spiritual pleasure, Ling Mo felt as if he was shocked by a wave of electricity.

Under this circumstance, Ling Mo felt two incomparable powers cleansing his body and mind.

This kind of feeling wasn’t something that could be easily described!

His little buddy and his tentacles teamed up to launch an attack, and quickly made both Shana’s to reach the peak at the same time.

While slowly regaining her breath, Shana’s main body slowly closed her eyes. Her hands hooked onto Ling Mo’s arm. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes again.

In a pair of black eyes, there were hints of shyness and expectations….

At the same time, in the spiritual world, Shana’s body was lying on the grass. She lifted her head up and smiled at Ling Mo, “Brother Ling … and Brother Ling’s spiritual incarnation, do you want to do it again?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

More than 20 minutes later, with the muffled sound of a “Bang”, the carved bed directly fell apart.


Ling Mo spread out both his hands and lay on the messed up bed and gasped fiercely.

His physical strength was completely consumed again and again, but it was quickly replenished by Shana’s saliva. The same also applied for his spiritual force.

After repeating this several times, Ling Mo felt that his physical and spiritual strength improved a little bit.

This little bit which he refers to now, was a huge progress in the past. But now that he has reached a certain level, his growth rate has significantly become smaller.

Moreover, they did this when Shana was no longer at the advanced level. It was already a blessing for Ling Mo to get any benefits.

This was the first time that Ling Mo had made direct contact with the blood of a leader-level zombie. Although the majority of it had leaked out, the absorption of such a tiny portion had actually caused such a terrifying effect.

If Ling Mo hadn’t been able to vent out these effects, he might have received negative feedback instead….

“But I really didn’t think that with my current physique, I wouldn’t be infected.” Ling Mo grabbed the quilt and covered Shana’s important parts. At the same time, he touched her collarbone and traced down below until finally stopping his fingers at her navel. “You have officially become my bride. I seriously still can’t believe that this is actually happening. When I first saw you, I would have never thought that we would be taking such a step like this today.”

to be continued….

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