My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 361 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 361 Part 2 – Gathering Information

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Peng Fei, who was drinking water, heard Ling Mo’s question and replied, “It went quite smoothly. Originally, two soldiers were supposed to register us. However, once they heard that we were just ordinary people, they sent us directly to a small lady and the examination was also exempted. They simply took down our names, age and our area of expertise. If we were to follow their original way of doing things, they would have made some arrangements for us to be integrated somewhere, however with Wen Xuan there, they directly put us in his ranks. But….”

Speaking to that point, Peng Fei looked at Wen Xuan and said, “I want to know why that lady was staring at us with sympathetic eyes after registering us?”

“It’s obvious your captain is mentally ill.” Ling Mo thought to himself, but said, “Wen Xuan, take care of my brother. At least until he has the ability to protect himself, don’t let him die.”

“Then that means you owe me one….”

Just as Wen Xuan’s eyes started to shine brightly, he saw Ya Lin glare at him with a cold look, “What, I’ll remember it.”

“From what you guys just told me, this doesn’t sound like it would take two hours to complete, right?” Ling Mo doubtfully asked.

Ronnie leaned against the door and snorted coldly, “The registration process took only five minutes.”

“So how come……”

“After arriving at the headquarters, Captain Yu told us to wait a moment while he went inside to do some stuff. Then two hours later, he remembered that we were still waiting for him at the door.”

Looking at Ronnie’s resentful face, Ling Mo helplessly sighed and shook his head, “As expected, he’s unreliable……”

“How was I unreliable? Do you think I spent two hours jerking off? Okay, fine. I really did play a game where we threw paper airplanes and used our abilities to knock them down…… But don’t be angry, I was mainly gathering information. Ronnie, you guys go out for a moment.” Wen Xuan suddenly said with a serious tone.

A normal person would have said, ‘Ling Mo, come outside with me for a moment!’” Ronnie was dumbfounded, but seeing Ling Mo sitting on the chair in a strange position, she could only angrily snort and follow Peng Fei out the door.

Although she wasn’t happy, she didn’t forget to close the door after she went out.

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Wen Xuan went over and put his ear to the door to listen. After confirming that Ronnie and Peng Fei was unable to hear their conversation, he turned around and said, “It’s bad if too many people know about your purpose in obtaining the experimental body.”

It was rare to see Wen Xuan with a serious attitude. Ling Mo nodded, “That’s right. You’ve finally become reliable.”

“Yeah, otherwise we would have to silence people in order to keep it a secret and that wouldn’t be easy for us.” Wen Xuan sighed.

“I’m stupid for actually thinking that you were reliable…. Forget it, what kind of information did you get? Ling Mo was very interested in this. He believed that people who were able to gather a lot of intelligence without using violence can roughly be divided into two types. One type would contain people who had great observation skills, were skilled in conversing with others, and also had the ability to gather information without leaving any traces.

The other would probably contain people like Wen Xuan. They would talk without hesitation and gather information simply by asking casually, and the person talking to them wouldn’t doubt them either … a psycho.

“Oh, it was very simple. I first found the guy responsible for managing the list of all the staff on duty, and then I kicked his ass.”

Wen Xuan said very proudly, “This guy is a psychic that possesses a strong memory ability. His ability also allows him to share his memory to others through a spiritual link. He claims to have learned Muay Thai before, but he always gets defeated by me every time. He said that if he lost, he would let me see a small portion of his memories stored in his mind. I took the opportunity to look at the list of all the staff on duty.”

“It sounds like an awesome ability….” Ling Mo frowned as he imagined it in his mind. An ability like this that didn’t have any combat capabilities was pretty rare, and it sounded as if it belonged to the spiritual type.

“In fact, it’s not as awesome as you think it is. He used to be called the human reference computer at headquarters. He was responsible for following orders from the top management everyday. Without an internet network, he was really useful. However, the technical department recently found some equipment and built a network in a local area. This man was then abandoned.” Wen Xuan smiled and looked sympathetic.

Ling Mo secretly nodded, thinking to himself that Wen Xuan was actually very lucky to find such a golden opportunity and that he may not have been able to check the list if they were in the past.

“Then did you get the list of people on duty in the lab?”

“Yes. Let me explain the situation in the lab.” Wen Xuan took out a map from his pocket and handed it to Ling Mo.


“Why are you looking at me like this? This is called an Impressionist painting. This was what I got from the lab member after winning the plane contest. Unfortunately, he only gave me a minute to look.” Wen Xuan sighed.

Ling Mo pointed towards the map, “You drew this map … based on your impressions…… Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Sigh*, it was the only way since I wouldn’t have been able to bring it out. We get searched when we enter or leave the headquarters. Anyways, it should be fine as long as I can understand it.”

Wen Xuan pointed at the unclear map and said, “Do you see the dotted lines and wavy lines?”


“Try to ignore them.”

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