My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 362 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 362 Part 1 – I Can Still Fight Another 300 Rounds

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“How the fuck do you expect me to ignore it, by using my imagination?”

Ling Mo took the map and took a glance at it even though he was doubtful of its usefulness.


He discovered that with his current spiritual strength, he could easily focus his attention on other parts of the map, completely ignoring the dotted lines and wavy lines. The process wasn’t as difficult as he thought it would be.

After ignoring those two things, the confusing map instantly became slightly different.

Although the confusing map was composed of various lines and patterns, if one actually took a good look at it, the complete architectural structure could still be found.

“Wen Xuan, I never expected for you to come up with such crafty methods. You could actually come up with an idea of obtaining the building plans out without anyone knowing. I really feel like giving you a thumbs up.”

Ling Mo suddenly sighed again, “But… if you already memorized the plans after taking just one look at it, why didn’t you just draw it after you came back? What was the point … of you doing this?”

“Ehhh… just to look cool.” Wen Xuan replied shamelessly.

“You know what? I honestly don’t even want to bother talking about this anymore. Based on this drawing, the lab seems to be very large, with many rooms, and divided into a total of five floors.” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Do you have an idea of where and how we are going to enter?”

Wen Xuan reached out and pointed on the map, “You will enter from this side door. The monitoring room personnel usually uses this passage to enter and exit….”

“Well, okay. I will enter through here and I’ll deal with the person in the monitoring room. I’m guessing with your status; you should be able to enter through the front entrance. Will anyone ask why you’re there?”

“No. I had asked what their research results were after sending two zombie corpses here previously. It’s pretty normal for me to ask them questions.”

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“That’s good then. We’ll do it this way. Once you get in, I’ll direct you through this communicator. After you get the corpse, I’ll give you directions to avoid encountering people. If you encounter a problem, I will help you right away.” Ling Mo interrupted his words. After he finished speaking, he added another sentence, “Fortunately, I found these earphones in your home. I’ve already tried using them. Although it’s slightly unclear, it is still functioning. I used to think that your sense of style was shitty looking at your long hair, but now that idea changed since it plays an important role in hiding this earpiece.”

Wen Xuan still had his mouth open and looked at Ling Mo with surprise. After a while, he said, “Did I just get completely deprived of my authority?”

“If I still gave you a chance to sell me out, then there is definitely something wrong with me.” Ling Mo then asked, “How far is the laboratory from here?”

“Uhh, about two kilometers I think.”

Ling Mo nodded, “That’s about two thousand meters. Then Ye Lian, you guys stay here and don’t go anywhere. I’ll bring…. her with me for this mission.”

Ling Mo pointed at the maid girl as he said this. This female zombie was now a pure walking dead, with no soul or consciousness.

It would certainly be safer for them if they used her for anything risky.

Wen Xuan had no objection to Ling Mo’s decision. He just looked at Ling Mo’s waist and gloated, “Are you sure you’re up for the task tonight?”

“You worry too much.” Ling Mo snorted unhappily. He could easily recover from his injury by using the Spider Queen’s blood, not to mention, he also had three female zombies that could give him their saliva to quickly recover his strength.

Plus, this was just a small muscle strain….


“Brother Ling, does it hurt?” Shana immediately turned her head and asked with a smile.

Ling Mo’s brows moved slightly, “Of course not, I just wanted to stretch a bit…. If it wasn’t because I had something to do tonight, I could probably still do another 300 rounds with you.”

“Brother-in-Law, you don’t have to keep pretending….”

After ten o’clock passed, the courtyard door quietly opened a small gap, and three figures quickly rushed out.

As Ling Mo went out, he glanced at the alley and vaguely felt that Yu Shi Ran and Hei Si were nearby.

However, they seemed to be aware of it and quickly distanced themselves.

“My puppet ability should be able to reach three kilometers. As long as they are within this range and aren’t discovered, they can do whatever they want. After I obtain the tested [1] corpse, I can use Yu Shi Ran to look for Half-moon.”

Ling Mo thought while controlling the maid girl to keep up with Wen Xuan.

to be continued…

[1] Experimental Corpse – Been feeling that the wording is a bit off. I’m going to change to tested corpse instead.

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