My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 362 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 362 Part 2 – I Can Still Fight Another 300 Rounds

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The isolation zone at night time seemed quite quiet. There were no lights nor people.

The only building that had lights turned on was the headquarters. It seems that there was a war going on in X-City, making it very busy.

“Oh right, there should be other human forces similar to the Falcon Camp. How many are there in the whole country? Have you guys tried contacting them?” Ling Mo suddenly whispered.

Wen Xuan looked back at him and said, “The only group that has been in contact with us so far is the X-City Air Force. I’m not clear about any other ones. Anyway, humans are similar to that of a cockroach. As long as we don’t die out, we will eventually figure out a way to survive. I heard that the Air Force explored everywhere and collected a lot of interesting information. Unfortunately, they’re unwilling to share everything with us. When they communicated with us, they were only willing to talk to those that were of high ranking.”

“What kind of logic is that? We’re all humans, shouldn’t we be sharing information with each other?” Ling Mo asked, frowning.

“The air force’s fighting strength is just average and their resources are limited. Apart from the ability to launch an airstrike, their only other strength would be collecting information, am I right? Wen Xuan said, “So, only by giving a small amount of intelligence each time would allow them to be able to extort supplies from us for a long time.”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a bit disgusted. The zombies were obviously becoming more and more powerful, yet some people were actually content with the current situation and were instead interested in engaging various internal struggles.

“You don’t have to show me that kind of expression.” Wen Xuan smiled and gave Ling Mo a shoulder pat. “To be honest, if you made everyone stand on the same side and made them all work together, do you think that’s possible? On the contrary, I feel that it’s much better for them to use each other and help each other only during crucial moments. But the Falcon Camp now has indeed become slightly different.”

“However, you are my brother-in-law, even if I didn’t respect you, I would still help you for Ya Lin. ahahahah…….”

The footsteps of the three of them weren’t slow. Although Ling Mo’s waist still felt sore, he felt much better after drinking the zombie drug.

The so-called two kilometers referred to the distance in a straight-line. With their speed, they only took about ten minutes to travel that distance even though they walked around a lot of buildings.

They had already reached the edges of the city and at the end of the wide street was a pitch-black mountain.

This mountain was also famous. A famous poet had once made a poem for this mountain.

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The front of the mountain was connected to a scenic spot, but the back of the mountain was much more desolate. A pharmaceutical company was at the back of this mountain, and lights could be seen in the distance.

There were soldiers guarding the intersection and red lights were flashing due the surveillance cameras. However, the security here was not very tight. The three of them quickly sneaked past security by going around from the side.

“Were there any wild animals in this mountain?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask as they were traveling around the mountainous areas.

Although some parts of the ground were uneven and moist, it didn’t pose a problem for Ling Mo, let alone the maid girl.

For some reason, Wen Xuan’s body seemed to be dry and when Ling Mo moved a little closer to him, he could feel waves of heat. Apparently it was his ability that caused this result.

“Yes. There’s another mountain behind this one. However, there aren’t many mutant creatures. The zombies didn’t run towards the mountains; they all went towards places where there were many people. They weren’t like the zombies in X-City.” Wen Xuan replied.

It would of been great if zombies really didn’t go to the mountains. However, it’s because of this thinking, that no one would ever think that three leader-level zombies would try to sneak into A-City through the mountains……

“That’s good, otherwise we’ll be in trouble if we encounter a mutant beast.”

As Ling Mo said this, both of them immediately thought of the mutant rhinoceros that had appeared in X-city and shivered at the thought of that.

The combat strength of a mutant beast was really too strong…….

As they travelled through the mountains, their speed was naturally much slower. It took another ten minutes for them to reach the periphery of the pharmaceutical company.

“This is actually just the research department of this company. However, don’t get fooled by its exterior. The interior of the building is much better and they had also hired a lot of experts at a high salary. Honestly, if it wasn’t because of this environment, those old fogeys probably wouldn’t have been able to survive after the apocalypse.” Wen Xuan hid behind a tree trunk and whispered.

As Wen Xuan introduced the area, Ling Mo scanned the surroundings with vigilance at the same time.

A five-story building with a parking lot at the front and a rockery in the middle, which just so happens to completely block the main entrance.

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