My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 363 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 363 Part 2 – Professional Pervert For 30 Years

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Inside the research building, Wen Xuan was walking through a hall to go upstairs. The first floor consisted of only offices, with nothing much to see.

He thought of the architecture of the building in his mind and muttered, “The tested corpse should be sealed up somewhere. I doubt it’s still in the laboratory. It’s most likely in a freezer. However, this building has been remodeled and the map of the building doesn’t indicate the purposes of each room…….”

He hadn’t walked far when a man with gray hair ran downstairs and nervously said, “Captain Yu! Please don’t wander off! You wanted to see the results of our study, right? I’ll take you to them….”

“Shit! I underestimated his unpopularity.”

Through the earpiece, Ling Mo could hear the old man’s anxiety. It seems that Yu Wen Xuan was already classified as a dangerous person in their hearts.

Ling Mo wasn’t even sure if Wen Xuan had a way to get rid of him…….

“Forget it, I’ll start moving.”

After about ten minutes later, seeing that Wen Xuan hadn’t moved from his spot, Ling Mo brought The Maid girl and slowly walked through the woods to the left side of the building before quietly slipping into the side of the security door.

He tried to pull the door and found that it was locked.

“Seems like my part-time job is to unlock doors.” Ling Mo took a deep breath and concentrated his spiritual force.

A spiritual tentacle separated from his spiritual ball of light, then slowly passed through the keyhole and wrapped itself behind the door.

After wrapping itself on the door handle, Ling Mo’s eyes sharpened and the top part of the tentacle substantialized, allowing him to actually grab onto the door handle inside, then slowly turning it.

Actually, this was how control abilities really worked. However, for those that couldn’t see the tentacle, the scene at the moment would have been very shocking!

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“Huh? The lock seems to be broken … and it seems to be blocked by something.”

Ling Mo quickly controlled his tentacle to explore the lock. Sure enough, he felt an obstacle.

It was more difficult to move obstacles with his tentacle. After spending about 30 seconds, Ling Mo successfully opened the door.

Ling Mo and The Maid girl quickly sneaked inside and then the door slowly closed automatically.

The obstacle that was used to block the door was an iron box filled with sundries and tools, which was actually quite heavy.

Since he didn’t know the situation inside, he didn’t use brute force to open the door. What if he made a noise that alerted the guards?

He looked at the lock strangely and then pushed the obstacle back to its original place.

Ling Mo reckoned that this place probably used to be a monitoring room. The hallway was very narrow. He didn’t have to walk far to see a circuit box on the wall and beside it was a small door.

Ling Mo was the type of person that would rather spend time carefully exploring, than be careless. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Before pushing the door open, he used his spiritual tentacles to make sure no one was inside.

“Okay, it’s the bathroom…….”

Ling Mo was about to close the door after seeing a sink, but suddenly felt that something was wrong.

He looked over and suddenly opened his mouth.

On the toilet, sat a corpse with a pair of lifeless eyes, and a neck that was turned in a very strange way.

After recovering from his shock, Ling Mo took out a tactical flashlight, closed the door behind him, and took a closer look.

Noticing that the body hasn’t become stiff yet, Ling Mo estimated that he died recently. On his chest was a handwritten badge that had the name “Wu You Cai.”

“This name…. I was right. It belongs to a person that’s on monitor duty for tonight. He was supposed to have started his shift at 7:00.”

Ling Mo immediately found the name from his memory. When Wen Xuan took out the list of personnel on duty, Ling Mo had also taken the chance to remember it.

I thought it wasn’t going to be of much use, but I didn’t expect it to actually come in handy.

Other than a body, there were no other clues for him to follow on. Based on Ling Mo’s common sense, he could only determine that this person died by having his neck twisted.

“If I had known earlier that this was going to happen, I would have finished watching the 700 episodes of Mindhunter…. However, based on the current situation, I can infer that there is either no one in the monitoring room or…… the murderer is inside.”

Ling Mo used his spiritual sense to check inside, then opened his eyes in a depressed mood, “Fuck! There’s no one inside!”

In the empty monitoring room, there was nothing, not even a picture…. All the monitors in the room have been smashed.

Facing this situation, Ling Mo was somewhat speechless.

It seems that these attackers had the same idea, taking the chance to do something secretly at night.

The lock on the door was probably destroyed by them as well.

For a moment, he thought of half-moon. Based on her IQ as a zombie, it was possible for her to do a stupid thing, such as smashing all the monitors.

If she really wanted to turn off the monitors, she could have just pressed the button. The word “OFF” is printed on top of it!

However, he later noticed that there was a small door in the room, which, after being pushed open, was a corridor leading deeper into the building.

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