My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 364 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 364 Part 2 – Clear Out

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Wen Xuan’s butt actually had flames coming out from it. He was like a cannonball that was just shot. Just as he was about to smash into the wall, he suddenly kicked out with his foot and completely changed his direction.

Seeing the terrified look on his face, Ling Mo was also somewhat shocked.

Unexpectedly, there were still some things that could actually scare this psycho….

But soon after, Ling Mo understood why.

A monkey-like figure appeared on the wall following close behind. Using its four limbs to grab the walls, it chased after Wen Xuan with extreme speed.

This kind of action, which seems to be defying the laws of gravity, could only best be described as hanging from above.

However, this action could be performed as long as the speed reached a certain level, similar to a motorcycle in a globe of death. [1]

“What the hell is that….” For a moment, Ling Mo thought it was a mutant zombie, but he soon found out that he was wrong.

A pale face that had wrinkled skin, with a pair of red shiny eyes that only had the pupils left, and a set of white hair……

From the looks of it, it seems that it was actually a ……. old granny!

Although Ling Mo was shocked, after Wen Xuan ran past The Maid puppet, Ling Mo immediately took control of The Maid puppet and rushed over.

The old granny zombie kicked off the wall with a pair of small feet, directly jumping towards the ceiling, and then quickly approached the zombie puppet from above with lightning speed.

In any case, Ling Mo’s zombie puppet was also an evolved zombie. Although it was under Ling Mo’s control right now, it’s actions were more flexible than the average person.

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However, even if this zombie puppet was more flexible than the average person, in the eyes of this old granny zombie, it was no different.

Before Ling Mo could even react, he saw his zombie puppet get slapped flying.

The severe pain in his head caused Ling Mo to immediately cut off the spiritual connection. When his body swayed from the pain, Wen Xuan just happened to see him.


Wen Xuan screamed and flew towards Ling Mo.

“I’m very interested in the process of her evolution, however, she’s impossible to subdue.” Before Wen Xuan even shouted, Ling Mo had already turned around and started running.

Just as Ling Mo cut off his spiritual connection with his Maid puppet, he also used his spiritual tentacles to examine the old grannie zombie.

From the fluctuations of the spiritual ball of light, there didn’t seem to be much of a difference…. However, Ling Mo’s examination of the old granny’s strength had failed, which made Ling Mo give her a high score in spiritual strength instead.

Even Ling Mo’s spiritual sense was unable to determine her strength, which proved that it was impossible to control the old granny with Ling Mo’s current spiritual force, and attacking with his spiritual tentacles might also be too weak.

Coupled with the terrifying strength she displayed, Ling Mo speculated that she had at least reached the peak of being a leader-level zombie, or maybe even…broke through!

Seeing this kind of result, Ling Mo didn’t even bother to think and instantly turned around to run.

Ling Mo was definitely not going to stand around and fight back. He would rather figure out a way to deal with this creature as he was running.

“FUCK YOUR A-CITY! You guys didn’t just make an isolation zone! In fact, you guys basically hung a super-sized carrot over here, trying to stimulate the evolution of these fucking zombies! Ling Mo cursed as he ran towards the stairs at lightning speed.

Behind him, other than the “swooshing” sounds made by Wen Xuan’s flight, no other sounds could be heard. However, Ling Mo didn’t need to look back to know that the old grannie was crazily chasing after them like Spider-man.

Ordinary zombies were too damn weak compared to this grannie!

“How can you blame us for this? Humans also need space to recuperate. Moreover, isn’t this kind of thing inevitable once humans gain a certain amount of strength?”

As Wen Xuan frantically ran for his life, he did not forget to defend himself.


“It seems like this old granny has been hiding inside this building all along and only decided to take action once she noticed that I had entered the building. It may have been my psychic abilities that caught her attention. I’m aware that some zombies can accurately determine who’s a psychic. I just didn’t expect zombies to be here, so I didn’t bother hiding my aura……”

“Why the fuck are you talking so much nonsense, get to the point!”

“Okay, Okay, I was just trying to justify my faults. In short, while she was following behind me as I followed the old man in front of me, she was behind us killing people. When we approached the freezer, she suddenly jumped out.”

Wen Xuan spoke so fast that some of his words sounded as if he was making a “Bi” sounds instead of actual words, “After a minute of fighting, I got my ass handed to me and the old man probably got KOed.”

[1] – Globe of Death –

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