My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 365 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 365 Part 1 – Grandma, You’re Such A Badass, Does Your Husband Know That?

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

After Wen Xuan said this, he couldn’t help but look back and suddenly cried out, “What the hell!?”

Ling Mo also glanced with the corner of his eye and his scalp immediately turned numb. A cold chill creeped up from his spine.

The speed of this grandma zombie had actually increased even faster.

In the blink of an eye, she climbed the ceiling and then jumped forward once she was less than five meters away from Wen Xuan.

“Brother-in-law…… No, Brother Ling, SAVE ME! I would rather become food for a beautiful zombie than rotting in a fucking granny’s stomach!”

Wen Xuan’s screams blasted through the earpiece, shaking Ling Mo’s eardrum.

With how close they actually were, there was no need for them to talk through their microphones anymore.


At a critical moment between life and death, Wen Xuan was once again able to pull out some unknown strength. He rushed forward and jumped madly away with all his strength, avoiding the granny’s lunge.

He and the granny got back on their feet almost at the same time, and once again resumed their game of cat and mouse.

Seeing the speed of that granny zombie getting faster and faster, Wen Xuan pushed himself like never before and struggled to catch up with Ling Mo.

Unfortunately, there was almost no difference in their physical fitness, so the distance between the two never shortened.

“BROTHER LING! YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE ME!” Wen Xuan screamed in tears.

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The flames behind his butt suddenly burst violently and there was even a smell of something burning.

“You keep her distracted first!”

As Ling Mo said this, he used his spiritual tentacles to scout the situation ahead of him. Then suddenly, he ducked into a corridor that was at the side.

“FUCK ME, I’ll just trust you for now!”

Wen Xuan hesitated for two seconds, then let out a tragic roar. He snapped his fingers and flames burst out behind him.

Most high-level zombies wouldn’t have been able to prevent such an unpredictable attack. However, this old granny zombie had a very insanely quick reaction time and was able to respond to the attacks by leaping backwards, dodging the flames.

Wen Xuan had thought that her speed would be much slower if she only used her legs to chase after him, but he didn’t expect for her pair of little feet to move so fast, almost as if they were tapping in a tap dance.


Wen Xuan howled in grief and screamed wildly. Fireballs continued to fire out from behind him, aiming for the granny. However, none hit its target

However, seeing Wen Xuan constantly yell and attacking with such a unique method, the granny zombie was completely distracted by him.

As for Ling Mo, who had ran away and disappeared, she didn’t seem to care very much about him.

High intelligence was one thing, but a zombie’s thought process was relatively straight. Compared to Ling Mo, obviously, Wen Xuan’s fiery ass looked more interesting and more dangerous……

A guard standing at the main entrance suddenly turned his head and looked into the hallway and asked, “Do you hear that?”

The other guard coughed and withdrew his neck, “There are no sounds in this mountain, stop being so wary. It’s probably the wind.”

“No, that’s not what I meant…. I think there was movement upstairs. Hold on……” After saying this, he took out his walkie-talkie and said, “Hello? Hello? No one is responding.”

The two exchanged glances before the guard holding the walkie-talkie said, “Should I go up and check?”

“Go ahead.”

Watching the guard walk through the hallway and step on the stairs, the guard that was left alone at the entrance muttered, “Most of the staff on duty right now are goofing off or being lazy, is there really a need to check…? What good will it do when he sees that, making both sides feel awkward. This guy still doesn’t understand how the world works……”

As he said this, he glanced outside. The shadows of the black trees looked terrifying and extremely creepy as the cold wind blew.

“I always get the feeling as if I’m in a studio that’s shooting a ghost movie…. However, at least it’s still better than going to the front lines. Well, at least I’m not like that guy. He’s only here because he’s stupid and unlike him, I’m here to survive and live as long as I can.”

to be continued…

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