My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 366 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 366 Part 1 – You’re Already So Old, Why Are You Playing Duck And Cover? 

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

A burst of noise came from communicator, mixed with Wen Xuan’s somewhat strange voice, “Ling Mo…… Don’t die.”

He was usually always talking or acting flippantly, and sometimes even made it seem as if he was mentally ill.

But this time, the words that came from his mouth were completely different. It sounded … as if he was genuinely concerned.

Ling Mo was stunned a little, then smiled, “I’m not used to you suddenly acting like this! OK, bring her over to me!”

“Then get ready to catch it!” Wen Xuan whispered. Then Ling Mo heard swoosh sound and a burst of flames came from the front.

In the middle of the flames, a figure directly sprayed out of it and with a loud ‘bang’, his feet landed on the wall. With this resistance, it allowed his body to directly change direction at such a high speed.


“I ORDERED YOUR SISTER! I had just begun to think that you were actually a serious person, to think that was all a lie…….”

With Wen Xuan changing the topic, Ling Mo’s, who was originally nervous unexpectedly began to relax. However, he didn’t realize that there was a mistake…… Wen Xuan’s only cousin was already his and there was no longer a need for him to order her.

He vented his anger that he had for Wen Xuan into the attack on the granny zombie. Hundreds of spiritual tentacles spurred out at the same time, encircling the entire intersection.

The granny zombie was completely unaware as she rushed into Ling Mo’s tentacles and suddenly felt a strong invisible resistance blocking her way from catching Wen Xuan.


Ling Mo’s eyes suddenly opened wide as a painful feeling could be felt from his temples.

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The pair of small feet that the granny zombie relied on, looked funny as she ran, but the power she displayed was just simply appalling. In order to stop her, Ling Mo was well prepared, but the results were still beyond his imagination.

The feeling of having his spiritual force being consumed in an instant was almost as if someone had grabbed onto a blood vessel in his body and had begun to pull it out. It was a terrible feeling.

Before the grandma zombie was able to react, all the tentacles that were idle simultaneously substantialized from the tip, and launched an attack from three directions.

This was Ling Mo’s plan for dealing with this grandma’s agile movements. He even had spiritual tentacles emerge from the ceiling and the floor. At the same time when Ling Mo launched the attack, the spiritual force that he consumed made his body feel so weak to the point that he almost fell down. He quickly poured some of the Spider Queen’s blood that was in his hand into his mouth.

The reflex of the granny zombie was terrifying. Although she was avoiding the inevitable, the moment she got pierced by the first tentacle, she curled up like a ball and hugged her head.

She was already skinny to begin with, and the skin on her body was tough. Ling Mo’s tentacles could barely piece it. If she hadn’t curled up, Ling Mo could have attacked some of her weak points, such as the eyes…….

“WHAT KIND OF OLD GRANNY PLAYS DUCK AND COVER!” Tons of spiritual force were being consumed due to repeated attacks, even surpassing the speed of which was being recovered by the Spider Queen’s blood. However, even after so many attacks, not one blow to the granny zombie was fatal. Although the old granny was covered in blood, she hadn’t suffered from any major injuries. Ling Mo even sent the majority of his attacks towards the back of her head, but the moment the grandma felt the pain, she used her two hands to guard the back of her head and put her forehead to her knees.

Her hands were no different from a mummies and the moment Ling Mo’s tentacles hit her, they made a loud ‘dangdang’ sound.

“Are you fucking practicing the Iron Golden Bell Shirt [2] skill……”

Ling Mo was also getting a little anxious. If this continued on any longer, it would mean that his sneak attack was in vain.

And Wen Xuan just ran for his life, spending most of his physical strength. He was leaning against a wall not far away and gasping for air.

He stared at the granny zombie in shock as he saw her suddenly bump into an invisible wall, and then a bloody hole suddenly appeared strangely on her face. Then he saw her move into a defensive fetal position, as her body quickly burst out blood everywhere, as if a hurricane had landed on her only.


to be continued….

[1] – In most Asian countries, women in the red light district often work as call girls or hostesses that accompany a group that pay them to spend time with them. Ordering is the term used in Chinese when selecting one.

[2] – It’s a shaolin skill where they practice to make their body as hard as iron.

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