My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 366 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 366 Part 2 – You’re Already So Old, Why Are You Playing Duck And Cover?

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Wen Xuan looked at Ling Mo and was just about to smile. However, he stopped after staring blankly at Ling Mo.

Ling Mo’s face turned pale and although his face seemed calm, Wen Xuan could tell that his body was weakening and had even begun to quiver.

“It’s just like how I told you before, with this granny’s existence, she could kill anybody if she wanted to. Touching her was enough to make people commit suicide. What made you think that you were able to withstand her……”

However, as he said this, Wen Xuan was still very shocked. With his own abilities, they weren’t worth mentioning in the face of this granny, but Ling Mo was able to decisively attack at such a critical juncture and successfully cause lasting damage to her.

“No, this will cause me to lose my dignity as his Brother-in-law if this continues….”

His words didn’t contain any seriousness, but when Wen Xuan straightened his waist, his eyes became very calm and even seemed cold.

At this moment, his condition was actually somewhat similar to Ya Lin in her zombie state. This appearance of his finally made him look worthy of being named as one of the three captains of the Falcon Camp.

Wen Xuan, who was quiet and calm, took a deep breath and slowly walked over towards the granny zombie that was currently protecting herself in a crouched position.

His hands slowly opened, his face became solemn, and he said each word one by one, “THE SOUL OF H IS BURNING!”


Two flames immediately appeared below his palm.

At first the color of the flames were very normal, but as Wen Xuan’s gasping sounds gradually increased, the color of the flames became pure and translucent.

By the time a portion of the flames had begun to turn blue, Wen Xuan was already sounding like a broken bellow.

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Although his body wasn’t affected by the flame too much, the corners of his trousers and clothes had begun to burn and burnt residue started to fall. His whole body seemed as if he was burning inside the fire.

No wonder he wanted to use the words “Burning Soul” to indicate the strength of the flames. The intensity of the flames indeed seemed as if they were burning his soul.

“Ling Mo, let me help you!”

Wen Xuan loudly roared to make Ling Mo pay attention to him so that they could cooperate with each other.

Ling Mo’s full attention was focused on the granny zombie. At this time, he heard shouting, looked up and suddenly became shocked.

“HOLY SHIT, did the Ghost Rider possess you?…..”

But Ling Mo also knew that this was Wen Xuan’s last stand. His current physical strength was actually not strong enough for him to maintain using such a big move. Although humans were weak, they still had incalculable potential. The adrenaline surge they gained was unlikely to turn them into a little monster, but in the case of struggling to hang in there for a while, most people could do it.

What’s really difficult is being able to push yourself back into an obvious unfavorable situation, instead of using the last bit of strength to run and escape.

The old granny zombie seemed to be able to tell that this situation wasn’t good for her. She tried to roll like a ball, directly to the side.

But how could Ling Mo allow her to do this. More than a dozen tentacles rolled out again, nailing her to the ground.


Ling Mo couldn’t hold on for too long. In fact, he now had the urge to make psychological hints to himself.

Because the human subconscious has a sense to protect oneself, after experiencing the severe pain of spiritual force bottoming, he would unconsciously avoid letting this type of situation from happening again. In other words, the less spiritual force he had, his subconscious would begin to control the intensity of spiritual force output.

As for the overdraft … leaving aside the fact that it was too risky, he wouldn’t try it, that is to say his subconscious wouldn’t allow him to do this.

Some people may be able to avoid this situation after some training, but Ling Mo wasn’t one of them.

To be able to do it at the last minute, it might be possible if he made some strong psychological hints to himself like Wen Xuan.

“Don’t put me into that kind of fucking situation where I have to do what you do!” Ling Mo shouted.

“Hey, saying that in front of my face about that kind of fucking situation…… I feel very hurt!”

Wen Xuan’s face was already pale as paper and his body was constantly trembling. He struggled to grab the two flames and then pushed forward.

The two flames rushed directly to the grandma zombie like a rocket, then blasted at the intersection, and the blazing flames instantly swallowed the place.

At this time, downstairs, the figure that had just placed the two bodies, raised her head and looked up, as if she was able to see upstairs through the ceiling, “Why is the fight so fierce? It shouldn’t be, isn’t it just two human psychics?”

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