My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 367 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 367 Part 1 – The Best Tool For Ending Her Life

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

It wasn’t over yet!

Even though the flames completely blocked Ling Mo’s vision, he was still able to lock onto the spiritual ball of light.

As long as it was still fluctuating, it meant that the body was still alive!

As soon as the flames were extinguished, Ling Mo didn’t hesitate to rush towards her.

His spiritual force was almost exhausted, but he still had his physical strength! Despite having slight difficulty in controlling his movements, he was still able to continue on.

This is why Ling Mo struggled to improve his physical fitness. He made sure that even if his spiritual force were to run out, he wouldn’t instantly become a piece of meat on a cutting board like the other spiritual type psychics.

Although he wasn’t able to use his powers anymore, Ling Mo still had his fighting skills and a body that was comparable to someone like Tom, who had trained in the Special Forces.

As Ling Mo quickly rushed towards the granny zombie, he raised his leg and directly kicked towards the temple of the head that was still emitting smoke.

All the hair on the old grandma zombie was burned off and the skin on her body was also burned extensively, making her look very frightening.

However, Ling Mo knew that she was still alive because she was able to protect her head in time.

This kick directly smashed the granny zombie towards Wen Xuan. After exhausting all of his strength, he wasn’t even capable of dodging. He could only watch as the burnt body dropped in front of his feet.

“That’s really brutal…… but at least you’re not beating it when it’s dead.”

Wen Xuan’s voice had become weak, but a person like him won’t shut up as long as they were breathing.

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Ling Mo didn’t bother paying attention to him. He jumped over, directly pressing the granny zombie under his knee, and pulled out the tactical knife from his waist.

A tactical knife like this was made from high-grade steel and was much more useful in combat than regular cutting tools.

Not only could it chop, shave, saw, and cut, but it was also sharp enough to cut through hard objects. Against zombies that had tough skin and amazing defenses, it was quite lethal.

The reason why it isn’t valued by many was mainly because its length being too short. Holding it to kill zombies was like holding a toothpick.

Even if it was Ling Mo, he wouldn’t dare use such a short knife while fighting with a high level zombie. An ordinary zombie could already exert 100% of its power at all times and wouldn’t have any difficulty when it came to tearing people apart with its bare hands. As for the strength of a high-level zombie that’s constantly being promoted, there isn’t even a need to say more.

In addition to this, the blood from zombies could also spread the virus.

The hands of most zombies have never been washed, and the nails were extremely infectious. If they scratched the skin of a human, that human would get infected. It was the same concept when it came to biting.

Ling Mo wasn’t afraid of the blood that was constantly appearing from her body. He actually dared to directly jump onto the granny because he discovered something after making love to Shana. He found out that his body had developed a certain immunity to a small amount of the virus that came from a leader-level zombie.

In this case, the tactical knife was the best tool for ending her life. The old granny didn’t even have a chance to recover before Ling Mo stabbed the knife into her throat, raised it up and twisted it hard.

Blood immediately poured out. The granny zombie was violently twitching and her eyes suddenly opened wide.

The sudden change of events scared Wen Xuan so much that he almost jumped. If Ling Mo had been like him and believed that the granny was injured beyond saving, then the both of them would have been killed if they had given her a minute or two to recover.

to be continued….

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