My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 367 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 367 Part 2 – The Best Tool For Ending Her Life

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The sudden change of events scared Wen Xuan so much that he almost jumped. If Ling Mo had been like him and believed that the granny was injured beyond saving, then the both of them would have been killed if they had given her a minute or two to recover.

Ling Mo noticed that the color of her eyes were very special. The redness in her eyes looked crystal-like, giving it a transparent feeling, which was quite different from other leader-level zombies.

Her eyeballs also seemed to be covered by a faint layer of film that could only be noticed if you were very close.

Ling Mo tried to poke the eyeball with his fingernail and discovered that her eyeballs were actually being protected by the layer of film. He didn’t seem to cause any harm to the eyeball and felt as if he was touching glass. However, compared with the tough skin from a zombie, the eyes were definitely still weaker. As long as Ling Mo added more strength into his attacks, he could break the defenses of this film.

“The degree of evolution in this granny zombie is extremely high….. However, the evolution in her body wasn’t complete, this could be seen from her eyes…….” Ling Mo sighed.

There were a couple of reasons why Ling Mo was able to beat the old granny zombie. One reason was that he and Wen Xuan has very good coordination and cooperation. Secondly, the terrain here actually caused some restrictions on her. But the most important thing was that she was already injured before they fought. After some parts of her clothes were burned off, Ling Mo discovered that she was full of bullet holes and even had some terrifying wounds that were caused by an artillery shell.

Although the wounds had already turned into scabs, they started to tear up after some movements.

After a leader-level zombie was injured, the virus would be continuously secreted from the virus hive, stimulating the body to speed up cell division and regeneration in order to quickly recover the wound. However, the non-regenerable parts would never be able to grow back no matter what. This old grandma zombie was obviously suffering injuries from multiple internal organs. Although her injuries had healed, her physical capabilities had been lowered by quite a lot.

It may be because her injuries were too heavy, that she decided to sneak into the building at night. But unfortunately, her plans couldn’t keep up with the changes. Two more variables had appeared suddenly in this building.

In addition, the granny zombie failed to make an accurate judgement for both Ling Mo and Yu Wen Xuan.

If she didn’t give the opportunity for Ling Mo launch a sneak attack and had directly fought with him, Ling Mo’s only option would have been to run.

But life is always unexpected. Even if you made a foolproof plan, the moment you actually start to implement it, nothing really goes the way you want it to go.

By the time you realize the situation isn’t following the plan, even if you were to shout, ‘This isn’t what I expected.’ it would have already been too late.

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The old granny zombie had no idea that she would be killed off by a small human and Ling Mo didn’t expect that he would have such an exciting night.

to be continued….

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