My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 367 Part 3

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 367 Part 3 – The Best Tool For Ending Her Life

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“After sustaining such heavy injuries, she was still so powerful. It was no wonder she was able to survive even after the Falcon Camp launched several sneak attacks on her. But her existence also proves that Wen Xuan’s statement is correct. The mutation of the virus infection had little to do with the human body. Whether or not one became strong after mutating was not solely based on one’s physical fitness.” Ling Mo thought.

“Gurgle……” The old grandma zombie widened her eyes as she looked at Ling Mo and a raspy voice escaped from her throat.

As a zombie with such high intelligence, she didn’t seem to be willing to die like this, “My…… my…. spouse….”

“Huh? Does she actually have a husband?”

Ling Mo was stunned. Although he didn’t let go of his knife, his heart had a strange feeling about this situation.

A normal high level zombie wouldn’t have any ‘last words’ because zombies aren’t afraid of death, nor would they have any regrets in their hearts.

Yet this grandma zombie in front of him displayed just that. Although there weren’t any emotional fluctuations in her eyes, but her voice was very sad, making Ling Mo feel faintly stirred up with emotions.

“Spp … spouse….” The body of the grandma zombie stopped twitching and the mouth stopped opening and closing.

Wen Xuan was stunned, then looked down at Ling Mo and asked, “What did she say to you? She didn’t ask you to pay $200,000 for her services, did she?”

“Stop talking so much nonsense. Let’s take a short break, then get the tested corpse, and immediately disappear!” Ling Mo sighed and said.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to get up if I sit down.”

Wen Xuan turned his body around with great difficulty, using his hands to help support himself on the wall, and slowly lowered himself down. He truly did need a break, as his legs were constantly trembling.

Taking advantage of Wen Xuan’s absent gaze, Ling Mo quickly pulled the virus hive from the granny zombie.

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A strange smell immediately came out, and the appearance of this virus hive also surprised Ling Mo.

The size of this hive was almost as big as a dove’s egg, but the inside was densely covered with blood, making it look almost exactly like a honeycomb.

There was a little bit of black color in the center of the hive, almost as if a large amount of veins were squished into a tiny area.

Although there was basically no essential difference between this virus hive and the virus hive that Ling Mo obtained previously, there was still a massive change in its appearance.

Not only did the shape and color change, but the appearance of the hive seemed to be also more lubricated.

Ling Mo reckoned that it would be impossible for ordinary people to see what it truly was if he took a piece of rope, tied it together, and wore it. They might even actually think it’s some sort of rare gem.

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