My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 368 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 368 Part 2 – Overlord Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“….. Ling Mo, please be alright, if something happens to you, I’m a dead man….”

Just as Wen Xuan was nervously looking for Ling Mo, in a closed room not far from him, Ling Mo was holding his breath and staring at a figure that was pressing down on him.

The light weight and bright red pupils in the dark, let Ling Mo remember the first zombie leader he met, Half-moon.

But the two giant boobs in front of him were so amazingly huge, it had clouded Ling Mo’s judgement.

Half-moon was the standard flat-chested girl…. If you ignored the delicate face and only looked at the body, it would be easy to mistake her for a cute boy instead.

There was still a charred smell in the air. Needless to say, the body of granny zombie was also dragged in by this mysterious female zombie.

Ling Mo really wanted to yell out to alert Wen Xuan, who was right outside. But after thinking about it, Wen Xuan had no more strength to fight. Even if he came, he wouldn’t be able to help much, he would simply be throwing his life away.

And plus, even if he had wanted to yell, the hand currently holding his neck most likely wouldn’t let him.

Ling Mo thought that he really was careless. He had been wary of Half-moon showing up the whole time during the battle, but after it ended, he naturally relaxed.

The biggest reason why he got careless was that his spiritual force hadn’t recovered enough for him to use his spiritual sense.

“Let’s make a deal.”

Ling Mo whispered and at the same time, moved forward the tactical knife that was pressed against her throat. The sharp tip of the knife immediately pierces through into her tough skin. Although it only pierced the skin, it definitely caused a slight pain. As zombies broke through to the higher levels, they would eventually recover their awareness of pain. Although they weren’t afraid of pain, they would still be able to feel it.

Ling Mo also used this action to determine his attacker’s strength.

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When he stabbed into the granny zombie’s neck, he had to use all of his physical strength. However, here he felt as if he was cutting into something solid yet also quite elastic at the same time, making it difficult to cut into.

As for the zombie in front of his eyes…. Based on the toughness of the skin, it simply couldn’t compare to the granny zombie. He estimated that her strength was somewhere between Ya Lin’s and the granny zombie’s. In short, she was still similar to that of a zombie leader.

Although Ling Mo was the one that got attacked, he couldn’t just sit idly and accept it.

They both simultaneously caught each other’s fatal point and fell into a deadlock.

In fact, this situation was quite beneficial for Ling Mo. Although he was in a life and death situation, his spiritual force was being stimulated, accelerating its recovery speed.

He guessed that after another two minutes, he would be able to use his spiritual strangulation attack.

However, if he wanted to be back at 100%, he estimated that it would take several hours.

In the darkness, the red eyes stared at Ling Mo without blinking. After a good while, a very cold voice spoke, “Your speed won’t be faster than mine.”

Ling Mo revealed a sneer. He wouldn’t be Ling Mo if he didn’t have any preparations.

Ling Mo was confident that he could at the very least retain his life if he used the last bit of his spiritual force, in addition to the tactical knife in his hand.

If worst comes to worst ……. he could always try and trick her psychologically since no one else was around.

However, Ling Mo still wanted to stall for more time. The more his spiritual force recovered, the higher the chances of him winning became. As time went by, the balance of victory would tilt towards him little by little.

“How would you know if we didn’t try?” Ling Mo smiled and said.

The other party seemed to be a little surprised at Ling Mo’s calmness. She stared at Ling Mo for a while, then suddenly stretched out her other hand and slowly traced downward from Ling Mo’s lower abdomen. “How about now? Who’s faster…. ”

She had barely finished speaking when the lights in the room suddenly turned on. At the same time, Ling Mo shouted “PIKA” and the tactical knife in his hand rushed forward as well as a spiritual strangulation attack.

Changes in lighting have little effect on zombies, but this zombie leader was successfully forced back by Ling Mo, and a mark of blood appeared on her neck.


Ling Mo leaned on the door, holding the doorknob with one hand, and staring at the female zombie standing not far away, “Did I remember it wrongly, or are you really half-moon’s … twin sister?”

This female zombie was leaning against a desk. She was holding her head with one hand as she stared at Ling Mo.

Her looks were very similar to half-moon, but she had a very different style. Ling Mo didn’t expect that the same delicate face could actually look so god damn sexy with just a change of style!

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