My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 369 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 369 Part 1 – I’m The One That Fucks You From The Front

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Looking at how much your chest developed, you’re obviously the older sister, right? ….. ” Ling Mo asked again.

At this time, the female zombie slowly stood up straight. It seems that his spiritual strangulation attack was weak and she was able to quickly get rid of its influence.

Her figure was also completely displayed in front of Ling Mo. She had the same height and weight as Half-moon, but the size of her chest was really amazing, much better than Half-moon’s.

Based on Ling Mo’s sense of touch, she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, but her boobs didn’t seem to be affected by gravity and could still maintain a perfect shape.

“Oh, that’s right. A zombie’s skin is very tough. Maybe it also has a lifting effect?” Ling Mo thought to himself.

“The evolution of zombies has led their original human bodies to perfection. Of course, that didn’t mean humans would become the ugly ones due to this. One thing is very strange though. It seems that female zombies would become much more stunning in appearance as they evolved to the higher levels. Even this grandma zombie could be considered a beautiful woman in the aesthetics of the elderly. For example, those small feet of hers ………” Thinking of this, Ling Mo subconsciously glanced at the grandma zombie’s corpse.

Her calf muscles were very well developed and completely different a normal elderly. Since her shoes were burnt, a pair of obviously mutated feet were revealed, which were small, but the insteps were thick, the soles of the feet were full of calluses and her ten toes were bent inward with long nails that could firmly hold onto the walls.

“Most of the high level male zombies that I’ve seen, have burly bodies …. It may be possible that zombies regarded strength as something important for male zombies. If that’s the case ……. ”

Ling Mo suddenly looked at his body, feeling dejected, and said, “Doesn’t that mean I’m actually an ugly man in Ye Lian’s eyes?! From a human’s point of view, although I’m not handsome, I’m still at least ordinary. After looking at me a little longer, I could at least still be acceptable. But for zombies, my slightly thin body is the definition of an ugly man!”

However, after a while, Ling Mo felt a bit better, “Although it’s very likely they regarded me as an ugly man, they still chose me to be their only spouse after accepting this fact. I can feel that they truly love me……”

“Twin …. Sister? What does this mean …. and what is this Pika?”

The female zombie asked with a puzzled expression.

“Pika?” Although Ling Mo’s face didn’t show anything, he felt ashamed deep inside.

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At a critical moment, he tried using a psychological hint to help use his powers. He didn’t expect that the first image to pop out from his head was actually that famous little elf[1]. This completely yellow little elf jumped up and used its tail to release an electric current. For Ling Mo, this was kind of enlightenment. After shouting the words, he felt that his spiritual force was released with the electric current …. Needless to say, the results were very good.

“Why do I suddenly have a sense of shame? Yet, when I opened my mouth, I said it so naturally…. I must have been influenced by Wen Xuan.”

Ling Mo was just randomly thinking about this. Ninety-nine percent of his attention was focused on the female zombie, “How does such a high-level zombie not even know what a twin sister is? You really should remember some more useful things in that mind of yours and be good zombie with some knowledge.”

The female zombie was stunned at first and then showed a fascinated expression. Her voice perfectly matched with her nice figure. She was the standard pretty girl and if it was in the past, she might have been able to become a female idol.

“Really? ….. Then who are you?” asked the female zombie.

Although the female zombie didn’t deny or confirm, Ling Mo was only trying to delay for more time. Therefore, he didn’t think too much when he tried to follow her words and reply with a bunch of nonsense, “Me? I’m actually your brother-in-law [2].”

“………” The female zombie frowned slightly and her eyes flashed with anger. “Human, don’t think that I don’t know you’re cursing at me.”

“What?” Ling Mo instinctively repeated his own words in his mind and suddenly became speechless, “I’m not cursing at your brother-in-law …. As a zombie, why are human swear words not classified as garbage memories!” He let out a deep sigh and rephrased his words, “I’m the man who has that kind of relationship with your sister.”

” ????? ” The female zombie tilted her head slightly with a clueless look on her face.

to be continued….

[1] – Don’t ask why but China renamed pikachu in Chinese so the words actually mean elf. Not a lot of people are happy with that but yeah you can google it if you don’t believe me.

[2] – The Chinese have a funny way of cursing people by using their family members. Ex: Your Sister, Your Father, and etc. If you read more Chinese Web Novels, you’ll get used to it.

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