My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 369 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 369 Part 2 – I’m The One That Fucks You From The Front

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


These words, were words that Ye Lian could also understand. It was clear that this female zombie had more knowledge in this area and naturally understood it.

However, Ling Mo originally thought that she would fly into a rage and allow him to take an opportunity to attack again, but he didn’t expect that she would just stand still and listen with a smile.

“Hehe, human …. So you actually called that kind of deception, fucking from the front?”

“Deception? What deception? Ling Mo felt a little confused.

“The only reason why I haven’t attacked you now is because I wanted to ask you how Ye Lian is doing …… That’s what you call her, right?” She embraced her arms, making her boobs seem as if they were on the verge of breaking out of her clothes.

Hearing this, Ling Mo was shocked, “You’re really Half-moon?!”

His eyes immediately focused on Half-moon’s chest while his mind was in complete shock. What the hell happened to that flat chest, which was like a washboard?!

“Then I should probably correct what I just said …. I’m the man who fucked you from the front! Eh, it seems that I also did it from behind as well ……”

“Why are you so surprised! You obviously mated with me, yet you still couldn’t even recognize me. You’re such a strange human!” Half-moon originally wanted to say more, but was attracted by Ling Mo’s appalled expression.

“But ……” Ling Mo couldn’t help but point at Half-moon’s chest, “What the hell happened over here! Could it be that there are still zombies that know how to do boob jobs?”

Half-moon snorted and said, “What boob job? Your thoughts are truly strange. After mating with you, I began to feel many changes in my perspective of things …. and then, unknowingly, this happened.”

“….. This is really weird. Could it be that the mutated estrogen in her body awakened, causing such a big change?” Ling Mo frowned and thought.

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“Ever since they became like this, I have been thinking about you all the time …. Do you know how much trouble they have brought me! It goes without saying that I tried to make them smaller, but I don’t know why they got bigger instead ……”

Half-moon’s tone didn’t sound as if she was wronged, but the expression on her face looked like she had been suffering a lot.

“What kind of method did you use to try and make them smaller? Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Pinch …….”

“No wonder ………”

Ling Mo found the situation a bit hilarious, and also felt that the Half-moon in front of him seemed to be different from before.

Although her words weren’t very pleasant to hear, she at least didn’t take any actions to kill.

Just a moment ago, if she really wanted to kill Ling Mo, she could have just attacked him in his abdomen. Yet, she just touched him instead, even though Ling Mo had also prepared himself in case he was attacked.

Moreover, the threats coming out of her mouth were only limited to attacks …….

“How Ye Lian is doing isn’t any of your business. Don’t you have a spouse already? What I want to know is what you guys intended to do sneaking inside here? Why was this granny zombie repeatedly asking for her spouse? Are there other zombies here besides you?” Ling Mo quickly asked all his questions, taking advantage of the fact that Half-moon was willing to talk.

Half-moon became stunned for a moment, then said, “Could it be that you thought we snuck in here to fight with humans?”

“I actually didn’t think about that. Were you guys trying to obtain the research data that the humans had?” Ling Mo inquired again.

“The thoughts of humans …. is indeed really complicated.” Half-moon shook her head, “Grandma just wanted to take her spouse’s body back.”

“Why though? For you guys, isn’t the body considered food?” Ling Mo asked.

“The spouse isn’t. If the spouse dies, we at least need to bring his body back.” Half-moon said with firm attitude.

Ling Mo thought of the advanced zombie that carried the baby zombie. It seems that although they were bloody brutal beasts, they also still contained some emotions.

This coincided with Ling Mo’s attitude towards zombies. The zombies were no longer just infected humans and should be treated as a new type of race.

“Now I learn that zombies can cooperate with each other even when they aren’t spouses.” Ling Mo stared at Half-moon and said.

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