My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 37


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 37 – To trade a person with the knife

Song Tian has a plain and ordinary face, but his body is very tall and burly,  his stance vaguely showing off his military experience. Although Wang Rin appears to be cold and arrogant, she seemed to listen to Song Tian’s words, therefore right now she only gave a cold sneer, then turned away and shut her mouth.

But her eyes still occasionally looked back at Ling Mo with derision, sometimes also stared at Shana impatiently. Unfortunately, neither Ling Mo nor Shana responded to her disapproving looks.

After asking Li Yu about the situation, Song Tian then sent him away, then invited Ling Mo and his people into his “office”.

After all he is the camp leader, his room on the third floor was much more upscale than the rest of the survivor’s dorms downstairs, not only is it renovated and furnished, it seemed that the rooms were well maintained even as the zombie apocalypse rolled through the area. And Song Tian’s bedroom is one of the bedrooms that were fully cleaned. The excess furniture were all removed, leaving only bed and desk, and also stood a four-seater sofa.

Wang Rin also followed inside, with a look of unhappy expression she slouched over on the bed.

“Sit down, don’t worry it’s all been cleaned.” Song Tian himself also leaned on the desk, motioning the crowd to sit down on the sofa. But his last sentence gave Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng a hint of strange look.

Song Tian’s sentence clearly meant that someone just died on the sofa, or was killed…

But after many days fighting and killing in the end of the world, even Wang Cheng had already cultivated a psychological resistance against death during these two days. He could sit among the corpses, not to mention a sofa in which someone died on it.

“Li Yu also said a moment ago, it was my team’s people that dragged you guys down, I am really sorry about it.”

Hearing Song Tian opened his mouth to apologize, Wang Rin immediately gave a dissatisfied and bitter grunt on the side.

Ling Mo originally wanted to say something to make up with the boss, but seeing Wang Rin’s reaction, he suddenly gave a sneer remark and said: “we were originally living well over there, as soon as your people got there, we were forced to give up the place to the horde. It’s not big deal of switching places, but it’s regretting that the supplies in which we waste a lot of effort in gathering were all left in there.”

After listening to Ling Mo’s words, Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng’s expression all became somewhat puzzled. They did leave in a hurry, but besides a climbing rope, Ling Mo should not have lost anything right? He said this kind of thing at this time; did he want the other party to compensate? Don’t forget, here is their camp, and in the apocalypse, supplies are much more important than lives, even if Song Tian’s attitude seemed to be very gentle, but to ask him to compensate with supplies, then it is somewhat far fetched.

But the things they could thought of, how could Ling Mo not? Since he dared to open his mouth with outrageous remarks, then he must have something to back his words on.

First, there is the presence of Shana, if Song Tian wants to do something violent, then Wang Rin will not allow him therefore they won’t have too ugly arguments about it. Second of all is that they have the combat ability as a backup resort. Not to mention Ling Mo himself, just Shana and Ye Lian these two female zombies, they are enough to deal quite considerable damage to the camp. Even though there are some people among this camp that can hold their own in a fight, but compared to two mutated zombies and Ling Mo, they stand little chance.

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Most importantly, Ling Mo, despite appearing to be brutal, did not want to rob the place.

After he finished, he especially glanced at Wang Rin, and Song Tian immediately and accurately catches this glance.

Ling Mo’s intention is clear; you guys dragged me down, caused me to lost my supplies, and even asked me for my knife back!

Song Tian suddenly feels some headaches. That day, the scene in which Ling Mo killed mutated zombie is still fresh in his mind, therefore he is somewhat afraid of Ling Mo’s strength. Because of this, he temporarily stopped Wang Rin and intended to seek a more modest way to ask for the return of the knife. But since Ling Mo has opened his mouth, even if Song Tian has a much thicker skin, he would be too embarrassed to ask.

Assume a tough stance to insist? Even though they are at their own camp, but Song Tian worked very hard to build this kind of camp, of course he would not want to see any trouble. Since the camp is only built recently, even though it appears to look orderly, but internally there is still a lot of problems. Forcibly taking a knife from a survivor would set a horrible precedent for the rest of the survivors, as the leader is implying to encourage his followers to steal from one another.

In the end of the world, strength is the money to talk, but in the early establishment of the camp, Song Tian knew that he still need to win over the hearts of the people below with trust, not fear.

Most critical point is, as soon as Song Tian sees Ling Mo the first time, he hatched an idea, which is to make Ling Mo and his people stay! A strong person that could kill a mutated zombie single without a bead of sweat and joins the camp, it is tantamount to inject a shot in the arm (editor’s note: means to get super powers)!

“I am really sorry about it…..” Song Tian bit the bullet and ignored the crude shot thrown from Wang Rin, and said: “what do you propose to do, Mr. Ling….”

“Just call me Ling Mo.” Ling Mo frowned carefully and paused for a moment, and said: “I know that you have a lot of people at your camp, you must also be short on supplies, I’m not going to make you guys compensate…but this short knife….”

Withstanding Wang Rin’s almost killer looks, Song Tian pretended and boldy smiled: “Just a knife, it’s a gift to you!”

One knife to trade a new member whom is with very good skill, it’s worth it! As for Wang Rin……no big deal but to eat her rolling eyes for a few days….

“Humph, coward!” Wang Rin angrily swore and stormed out.

Song Tian smiled awkwardly, and spoke again: “made you guys lost the place you live, and lost your supplies, I am really sorry about it. How about it, our camp is in need of hands right now, why don’t you guys join us?”

Although the camp is small in size, and Song Tian’s need for strong survivors is evident, but Ling Mo still somewhat admired him. But to join the camp? Come on, bringing two female zombies together with a large group of survivors day and night, this is the equivalent of dancing on the tip of knives. Moreover, two female zombies, especially Ye Lian still needs to swallow more gels to achieve evolution, there are too much restriction in joining the camp, and he still needs to hunt mutated zombies.

Therefore Ling Mo shook his head without hesitation, and said: “Thanks, but me and these two girls still have some business to complete, we cannot join you right now. But my friend right here does have some figthing skill.” As he said, he turned to look at Liu Yu Hao.

This result suddenly made Song Tian very disappointed, but seeing that Ling Mo did not reject in an absolute tone, therefore Song Tian vividly felt that this business still have some hope. After all Shana is Wang Rin’s cousin.

Therefore thinking here, Song Tian’s disappointed look became much lighter, and looked along Ling Mo’s eyes to Liu Yu Hao: “you are willing to join? What about that one?”

His second target is naturally Wang Cheng. Hearing this, Wang Cheng then glanced at Ling Mo somewhat cramped, then resolutely nodded: “I am in!”

This camp obviously is not a place to keep moths, and whole healthy bodied teenagers like him will naturally go out to search for supplies, therefore Wang Cheng’s decision can be considered that he put down a lot of determination.

Not joining? Ling Mo will not feed him! Most importantly, he knew in his heart that, Shana by Ling Mo’s side is actually a zombie!

Staying with a zombie from day and night, this kind of thrilling thing, Wang Cheng felt that his heart will not take it. But with Wang Rin here, he would not dare to expose this secret. Who knows what is Wang Rin’s attitude towards Shana, especially Shana’s appearance looked the same as ordinary people, would anyone believe him if he spilled the truth that Shana is a zombie? Under the uncertainty situation and the threat of crossing someone like Ling Mo, this is a death sentence…..

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