My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 370 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 370 Part 1 – Squeeze

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Is that strange?” Half-moon asked.

She put her arm down and her pair of boobs bounced down like two naughty rabbits.

Watching her slowly move towards him, Ling Mo suddenly became vigilant. But fortunately, she stopped a few meters away from Ling Mo, “Being able to kill granny indicates that you have grown more powerful. As a prey, you are quite troublesome for us.”

“I’ll just pretend that was a compliment…. Thank you.” Ling Mo said.

“Could it be that humans like being praised? Even from their enemies?” Half-moon revealed a puzzled expression.

Ling Mo replied, “Of course, the praise from an enemy is always sincerer. I also wish to sincerely praise you as well. Your boobs aren’t bad; it has brought me a lot of inspiration.”

“Thank…. Thank you.” Half-moon suddenly felt somewhat strange. She glanced at Ling Mo and said, “Going back to your question …. I couldn’t beat Granny even with Shi Ran’s help. But Granny didn’t want to fight with us because she needed our help.”

“The point please ….”

“Hey, be a little more enthusiastic! This is obviously the answer you wanted to know, why does it seem like I’m the one forcing you to listen now.” Half-moon pushed the hair that covered her eyes and then sighed, “I … I originally wanted to risk my life and kill her, but Granny taught me a lot. When she was a human being, she was a very famous professor.” After a moment, she quickly added, “A decent kind of professor! Not those kinds of dirty ones!”

“I didn’t say anything……” Ling Mo shook his head helplessly, thinking that the things that the old professor taught her weren’t little. Half-moon had changed a lot, not only in appearance, but also in her choice of words and demeanor.

“Granny said that although humans may look weak, but in fact, humans had a strong ability to survive, as well as the ability to destroy. Looking at the world now is a perfect example …. Who knows, maybe even our birth is also because of them……”

Half-moon went on. Ling Mo had long noticed she seemed to have more words that she wanted to say to him. Although he didn’t know why, since it helped stall for time, there was nothing wrong chatting with her for a while.

Hearing her say this, Ling Mo couldn’t help but interrupt, “This granny must of been a professor that taught environmental studies……”

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“I’m not sure. She remembered a lot of things, but most of them were about knowledge.” Half-moon shook her head, “I don’t even know if Granny was right.”

After she finished speaking, she stared at Ling Mo.

“Why are you looking at me for?”

Ling Mo’s scalp turned numb and he thought to himself, “You can’t possibly think that I can answer your questions for you?”

He also wanted to know!

If there was someone that actually had real information on the source of the virus right now, he would definitely find that person immediately and use any means possible to get the information.

“You don’t know either…. This is bad. We won’t be able to make that deal with the beast professor now that Granny is dead.” Half-moon let out a sigh, “Otherwise, it’s very possible for us to find out the truth about the virus.”

“WHAT?!” Ling Mo immediately straightened his body.

Half-moon smiled, “You seem to be very interested. Didn’t you just ask to make a deal with me? This is perfect, I can also make a deal with you……. Aren’t you curious about the reason why I can co-exist with granny and even help her?”

Ling Mo was stunned.

No wonder she was still chatting with him while slowly twisting the doorknob. It turns out that this was all part of her plan to get him to work with her.

It can be seen from this incident that Half-moon has greatly improved, especially in her intelligence and …. her cup size. As for her strength, Ling Mo felt that compared with the granny zombie, she was still far behind.

However, they were still zombies after all. Although Half-moon already understood the concept of a “transaction”, she still accidentally handed over her only leverage in this talk with Ling Mo.

Moreover, Ling Mo still had Yu Shi Ran in his hands.

From the moment Ling Mo revealed a smirk, this deal was destined to be an unfair one……

“Ah my little half-moon, just count it as you being unlucky.”

At the same time, in the corridor on the fifth floor, Wen Xuan was slowly moving forward in a very strange posture.

After completely exhausting his physical strength, his whole body felt powerless, and for every step he took, he felt a pain from his heels.

to be continued…

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