My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 370 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 370 Part 2 – Squeeze

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“I now know how the mermaid felt when she was walking on the shore, the prince was an idiot for giving up on such a good mermaid princess…. I fucking sacrificed so much!”

Wen Xuan was cursing deep down, yet his mouth kept shouting, “Ling Mo! Brother Ling!”

He obviously didn’t know that the old granny zombie had attacked the building with a team. Although it was already a ridiculous fact that zombies would appear in the camp, his mind was in a mess since it was completely preoccupied with Ling Mo being missing.

However, Wen Xuan still lowered the sounds of his shouts. He was now alone in a murder case area. If he alarmed the soldiers, he would most likely be eating their bullets.

The Falcon Camp was unlike the outside. People were responsible for the crimes they committed. There was a simple trial process which allowed the defender to speak up for himself without any counsel.

Actually, it was already a good thing they could even get a trial….

In the past when there were many people, there were also men who couldn’t control themselves. As a result, female survivors were constantly raped and humiliated.

In order to get their hands on more goods or food, bloody conflicts and even murder occurred frequently.

Whenever this happened, one of the officers would usually end the conflict with a shot from their gun.

However, at that time, the Falcon Camp had just set up the isolation zone. In Wen Xuan’s view, that period was a very dark and chaotic time. Now that the camp has established an isolation zone in X-City, it meant that they would have to repeat this process once again.

Survivors who were already used to being wild, especially those who were very arrogant, would not immediately become obedient.

“Maybe this incident wasn’t a bad thing. At least it’ll send a message to the top and warn them to tighten their nerves. Under such an atmosphere, those newly joined survivors will think twice before they cause any trouble.”

Wen Xuan muttered and suddenly noticed a sliding door in front of him. On the door there were three big words, “Do Not Enter.”

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If it weren’t for those words, he might have just left after shouting once for Ling Mo. However, after seeing such words, he started to feel an itch…….

“Might as well go in and check it out. Who knows, maybe Ling Mo’s inside.”

As Wen Xuan pushed the door to enter, a sharp alarm immediately sounded.

The soldiers guarding at the mountain entrance immediately raised their heads, looked up towards the mountain, and then ran along the winding road that led to the building while carrying their guns. One of the soldiers quickly pulled out a communicator, “Report, the lab’s alarm just sounded! Hurry and convey this message to General Su!”

“Shit, why did the alarm suddenly sound?”

Ling Mo glanced above him before taking another look at Half-moon, “Go and destroy all traces of our battle, take the old grandma’s corpse and go. I will wait for you at the highway intersection of X-City. I don’t think I need to remind you what will happen if you don’t show up, right?”

After turning his head back and taking two steps, Ling Mo turned back around suddenly. He reached out with his hand to grope Half-moons chest, “Holy shit, they’re real….”


By the time Half-moon reacted and began to fly into a rage, Ling Mo had already disappeared from her view.

His spiritual force had recovered quite a lot and adding the fact that he didn’t consume much physical energy, he was able to quickly run to the door of the room where the alarm sounded.

After passing the sliding door, inside was a freezer, and Wen Xuan was kneeling on top of a black bag. Judging from the shape of the bag, a corpse was definitely inside it.


Wen Xuan glanced at Ling Mo with shock and then said excitedly, “This is great, you’re completely fine! I really want to ask where you went, but now isn’t the time….  Come and help me here. This is the tested corpse that you wanted!”

“Although listening to the things that Half-moon said had reduced the importance of the tested corpse, it at least could still be used to verify whether her words were accurate or not.”

Since their intellect has reached this point, it was unsure whether the granny zombie or Half-moon still had the “unable to lie” trait that normal zombies had.

“Then let’s hurry up. I estimate that we still have about two minutes left!”

Ling Mo went to help carry the body and also helped support Wen Xuan. They then hurriedly ran down the stairs.

In these kinds of situations, taking the elevator was simply too slow.

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