My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 371 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 371 Part 1 – Gorgeous Man-Eating Flower

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

By the time they reached the bottom of the stairs, flashing lights could be seen on the mountain path.

“Half-moon should have left by now. Even if she hasn’t, with her strength it shouldn’t be too hard for her to escape….”

Ling Mo hesitated for a second before escaping into the woods with Wen Xuan and the tested corpse.

As they went down the hill, Ling Mo immediately stopped cautiously as the heavily armed soldiers that were on the way, passed by. Although the sounds of their movements could easily be covered by the loud sounds of the wind, if the soldiers were elite, they might still be able to hear something.

After the sounds of footsteps went away, Wen Xuan immediately let out a sigh of relief and said, “We have to leave as soon as possible. This whole city will soon be forced under martial law.”

“You still dare to say! The plan I set was perfect. We even had a few extra hours to waste, enough for us to slowly prepare everything. However, you just had to be a dumbass and set off the fucking alarm….”

Ling Mo turned his head and glared at Wen Xuan, restraining the impulse to throw him on the ground and start cursing at him.

“Ah, hahaha …. I messed up because I was concerned for your safety. Plus, who would have thought that there was an alarm installed right in front of the tested corpse! I didn’t even do anything yet!” Wen Xuan argued.

Ling Mo sneered, “Maybe your image was the reason the alarm triggered.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with my image…. Oh… It’s not my fault my clothes are burnt and ragged! But on a side note, did you by any chance bring a spare underwear with you? I feel that some part of me seems to be freezing….”

Wen Xuan whispered from his side, but Ling Mo didn’t pay any attention towards him.

Something felt a bit wrong. Recalling the surroundings of the cold storage, the alarm that Wen Xuan triggered should of been…. located on the ground in front of the tested corpse and could only be triggered if it was stepped on.

This kind of setup would have made sense if it was placed in a very secure place, but not somewhere in this lab….

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Below the mountain, several lights appeared again. Ling Mo looked over and noticed several trucks coming over. The headlights illuminated the intersection. Black shadows of men constantly jumped out of the vehicles and then assembled at the intersection.

“Isn’t this…”

Noticing that they were all wearing infrared night vision goggles, Ling Mo inferred, “They’re probably the mountain search team. We need to hurry up.”

It was no longer possible for them to return to the original road. Ling Mo had also carried a pair of night vision goggles on him. At this moment, he immediately took it out and put it on his left eye, “It seems that our only option is to find a way out from the other mountain.”

For a moment, Ling Mo really wanted to inform the girls by using their vision swap, but changed his mind after remembering that it would also be very risky for them to go out right now.

No matter how good zombies were at hiding, Ling Mo would probably never stop worrying about them until they got here.

Ling Mo didn’t think that this was a weakness. If people were able to calmly think in dangerous situations and make decisions about their own lovers, they wouldn’t be called humans anymore, but robots.

After leaving the mountain path completely, the road became very difficult to walk on. Fortunately, Wen Xuan was slowly recovering. Although he couldn’t walk by himself yet, he could at least bear some of his own weight.

Ling Mo wasn’t familiar with the path they were taking. When they encountered a cliff or something similar, Ling Mo used his spiritual tentacles to hang themselves down. This method of Ling Mo’s saved them quite a lot of time.


After confirming that there wasn’t anyone below, Ling Mo jumped down.


Wen Xuan also followed and jumped down. As a result, his legs turned soft upon landing and he fell directly on to the ground.

“Ugh, Let’s just count this as me being unlucky.” Ling Mo glanced at Wen Xuan and dragged him back up.

“What’s with that disgusted expression on your face? I know my current image might not look so enticing, but wasn’t it all because I was fighting?! You should be honored that I’m in my birthday suit!” Wen Xuan said dispiritedly.

Ling Mo said mercilessly, “Your shameful abilities should already explain the reason why you have this problem.”

“Why do you always have to say stuff that hurts people’s self-esteem. Why don’t we talk about the real reason why you’re actually a spiritual type psychic? Isn’t it because you’re with all kinds of beautiful women every day, so you automatically imagine them in your mind to practice with?” Wen Xuan went on.

Ling Mo snorted, “This is obviously something that you would have done.”

to be continued…

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