My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 371 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 371 Part 2 – Gorgeous Man-Eating Flower

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

On the way back to the inn, they met several groups of soldiers. Although the number of soldiers in each group were small, they were all elites and were also well equipped.

These soldiers patrolled the streets instead of rushing towards the lab. However, it was still very easy to bypass them with Ling Mo’s abilities.

As Ling Mo and Wen Xuan rushed back towards the inn, an SUV has just stopped at the mountain intersection.

The soldiers quickly saluted upon the opening of the vehicle door. The expressions on some of their faces suddenly became excited and fanatical.

As a long leg in a military boot stepped out of the door, a very tall figure came out from the car. Although it was on such a restless night, the appearance of this person instantly became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Dressed fully in military attire, she gave off a heroic and valiant impression which also didn’t cover her natural charms. A pair of slightly raised eyes, coldly stared at the soldiers in front.

“General Su, the second team has been assembled and is ready to take action.”

A man in civilian clothes said as he walked up and gave a military salute.

The person being called general was naturally Su Qian Rou, the person who had been in contact with Ling Mo on the phone. However, unlike her image on the phone, she was exuding a very flamboyant atmosphere at this moment.

“Let’s get started then. Although I made some precautions, I didn’t expect her to really sneak in. I didn’t send many people to the lab because I thought she would leave quickly after she succeeded. You better tell your team that this time we’re dealing with a powerful opponent and they should be extra careful. Even I, suffered many losses in her hands.”

Although Su Qian Rou’s tone sounded very calm, her eyes brought a very threatening feeling. You would never have thought that she would be such a domineering woman if you hadn’t seen her face.

Normally, arrogant people would give others a very fake feeling. However, the arrogance that came from Su Qian Rou felt quite natural. Even her man-like voice that went against her appearance, made people feel as if it were natural.

“Is it……” The man bit his teeth and asked, “Is it that zombie?”

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“Didn’t you also have a fight with her before? She went against your fully armed team, killing seven, and suffered from only two gunshots, which none were fatal. That was the outcome of your fight, right?” said Su Qian Rou.

The man’s face immediately became pale. Although he kept a straight face, his clenched fist had exposed his nervousness, “Would she really sneak into this kind of place?”

“Don’t be so scared. I think it’s her. Other than her, I doubt that there would be any human interested in that corpse.” Su Qian Rou said as she smiled somewhat disdainfully.

“If we split up and searched the mountains, wouldn’t we be exposing our weakness? Our groups are usually in groups of three. Even if one of the groups met her, it would be impossible to survive, let alone defeat her!” The man’s voice started to get agitated and even his teeth began to tremble. The experience of fighting that old granny zombie was still vivid in his memories. It was simply a nightmare fighting a kind of horror that couldn’t be resisted!

“I am ordering you right now, not asking for your opinion. Rest assured, I’m not making you guys fight her. If you find any clues, fire a signal, understand?” said Su Qian Rou.

“Understood…. I understand. What will the general do now……?” The man looked up at Su Qian Rou and asked.

Su Qian Rou didn’t speak as the corners of her mouth slightly rose up.

“Ahh! Sorry, I didn’t mean to snoop….” Seeing Su Qian Rou’s wondering eyes, the man finally realized that he was crossing a line and hastily explained.

“I am going on patrol……” Su Qian Rou said softly, then turned around and headed towards the SUV.

The man quickly straightened his waist, saluted, then watched as Su Qian Rou got inside the car and left.

After the SUV completely disappeared from his field of vision, the man immediately wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and let out a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, I didn’t do something that offended her. Seriously, this woman…. really makes people love her and fear her at the same time, just like a man-eating flower [1] ……”

As he thought about this, he turned his head and waved at the soldiers, “Three people in a team, head towards the mountains, LET’S GO! If you find anything, report to me immediately!”

[1] – Remember that ‘flower’ is sometimes used in Chinese to describe a female.

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