My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 372 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 372 Part 1 – Actually I’m Just A Mascot

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

As Ling Mo and his group were leaving the building, Half-moon was currently carrying the corpse of the granny zombie while standing in a corridor inside the lab building.

Holding a scalpel in her hand, she glanced with satisfaction at the wall that had been scraped clean, then used a toe to pick up a trash bag from the ground and brought it to her hand.

Inside were pieces of the wall that had been scraped off and also any clues that could be found by Half-moon. Of course, those dead bodies weren’t counted as evidence that needed to be cleaned up.

“Hmph, the best crime scene cleaner of the year is me! Speaking of this, do humans actually have this kind of profession? They probably do, otherwise, how else would they handle so many murders like this one?”

Half-moon smiled happily, then listened to the movements coming from downstairs and said, “I should also leave now.”

Without taking more than a few steps, she suddenly sniffed the air, then walked over to a figure that had fallen to the ground, and then lifted her up, “I still can’t believe I have to help that human clean up this mess …. Huh, something feels wrong. How could he just leave without any worries? Did he already know that I would definitely help him clean up this mess? …… Such a hateful human.”

Half-moon was confused for a moment, but in the end decided to rush towards the window, “Forget it, I can’t leave our species here for humans to research.

As she approached the window, she leaped forward, jumping out from the open window.

Just as her figure disappeared, several armed soldiers rushed into the corridor with guns.

“Report, no one is here.” A soldier took out his walkie talkie and reported. As soon as he finished reporting, he noticed something on the walls.

He walked to the intersection with a puzzled expression and reached out and touched the walls, “Hey, guys come look, the wall here seems as if…… it’s missing a layer? Did someone mess with the walls?”

Another person took a deep breath, “Strange, there’s obviously a smell of blood.” He looked up and looked around, but didn’t find any traces of blood. He noticed that there were scratches on both the ceiling and the ground. “This area should have been cleaned. The question is, who was it and how much time did it take for them to do all of this?”

“I just knew the intruder couldn’t be a zombie.” A soldier snorted. “Have you ever seen a zombie clean up all their traces after a fight?”

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The situation in the laboratory was quickly reported to Su Qian Rou. After hearing the report, her face was still expressionless. She threw the communicator aside and said, “Notify the patrol team to keep their eyes open. And send a group of soldiers to the side of the mountain. No matter how much I think about it, the only way she could have entered successfully, was through there.”

The person who caught the communicator was an innocent looking girl that wore glasses. She stuttered and said, “B-But zombies wouldn’t bother making detours like this……”

“Why do you say that?” Su Qian Rou turned her head and glanced at her.

“Because zombies don’t have that kind of intelligence. We should be searching the whole city right now, instead of focusing our manpower on the mountains.” The girl wearing glasses continued.

The driver at the front immediately trembled, and couldn’t help but look up at the girl in the back seat through the rearview mirror, “Girl, why do you always try to provoke General Su! Even if you wish to seek die, you should at least take notice on whether or not I’ll be able tolerate such nonsense……”

Su Qian Rou showed a very gentle smile. She reached over the girl’s shoulder and pulled her closer to her.  A pair of eyes stared at her, refusing to break contact. Her voice also became very gentle, “Li Wei, let me ask you something. Do you think the things I’m doing right now is for work or for something personal?”

“Huh?” Li Wei became stunned. She hesitated for a moment before replying, “It’s definitely…. for work….”

“Wrong. I got bored and devised a small plan to have some fun with the zombies. Of course, many people…… including you, don’t believe zombies are capable of doing this. But that’s fine, I at least learned from this situation that zombies have high intelligence. However, … Since most people think that it was a human survivor that did this, we should also do something about that.”

Su Qian Rou leaned back and embraced the pair of giant boobs on her chest, “The reason why I took you with me is because I think you’re very interesting. After all, you were one of the conditions that was proposed by that psychic and could also be counted as a souvenir for our first cooperation with each other.”

“Souvenir….” Li Wei couldn’t help but look down at herself. As it turns out, she had been classified as an item….

Su Qian Rou went on to say, “Somethings can’t be done just because you want to do them. For example, you were talking about searching the whole city…. I don’t have such kind of authority to do something like this……”

to be continued….

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