My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 372 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 372 Part 2 – Actually I’m Just A Mascot

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“When you’re sitting in a powerful position like mine, you should remember that there will always be people that will be watching you with harmful intentions. Many of them will be looking for any opportunities to drag you down.” Su Qian Rou blinked at her.

Li Wei was terrified by her wink and slowly picked up the communicator, “I…. I’ll inform them immediately……”

“En, once you have done that we can go and fulfill my duties as the General.” Su Qian Rou lifted her hat and combed her beautiful black curly hair.

“Where are we going?” Li Wei asked.

Su Qian Rou smiled slightly, “Naturally the liveliest place. I need to show everyone that I’m really anxious and pissed off.”

“How does that count as fulfilling your duties….”

“I’m basically a mascot, otherwise, what kind of duties did you think a General does?”

“Can you guys not talk about this in front of me? I’m seriously having so much psychological pressure just listening to this, alright? ……” The driver wiped off his cold sweat and wailed in his heart.

Right now, the mood in A-City’s isolation zone was very tense.

Patrols that could be seen everywhere on the streets and vehicles that passed by from time to time, could make people feel a large sense of pressure.

After a night of continuous misfortune, a stroke of good luck finally appeared.

A-City became foggy, obscuring the moonlight, also affecting everyone’s line of sight.

“Under the dark night and heavy fog, it is the best time for escaping.” Ling Mo said.

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A few minutes later, he finally returned to the vicinity of the inn with Wen Xuan and the tested corpse.

Despite having to carry two deadweights and finding ways around the patrolling soldiers, it actually took Ling Mo less than half the time they spent reaching the laboratory to get back to the inn while running at full speed.

“Wait a second.” Ling Mo looked back at Wen Xuan and looked left, then right. “Let’s first find some clothes for you. Your appearance right now is pretty indecent.”

When they finally walked quietly towards the entrance of the inn, the courtyard door opened as if it knew they were coming. Ye Lian’s head came out from behind the door, “Brother Ling….”


Ling Mo used one arm and threw Wen Xuan inside, then carried the tested corpse over to the threshold, and signaled Ye Lian to quickly close the door.

Both Shana and Ya Lin were waiting in the courtyard. They became a bit surprised when they saw their battered appearances.

“Brother Ling, why did you bring back a corpse?” Shana asked after sniffing the air.

“He’s the reward for our harvest tonight….” Ling Mo briefly explained what had happened. However, he didn’t mention anything regarding about his meeting with Half-moon.

Ya Lin turned her attention to Wen Xuan that was under the moonlight, then revealed a strange expression, and silently took a step back.

“Ya Lin, can you not look at me like this? It’s not what it looks like……” said Wen Xuan, as he slowly climbed back up and pointed at the tight cheongsam on his body, trying to cry even though no tears were coming out.

“Well, his original clothes got ruined and he came back with me naked. Sadly, there were no other women’s clothing stores nearby except for this cheongsam shop. Since there was no other choice, he could only wear this.” Ling Mo casually said.

Wen Xuan was still nodding in agreement at the first half of Ling Mo’s explanation, but when he heard the last half of his explanation, he couldn’t help but shout in anger, “WHY THE FUCK DID IT HAVE TO BE WOMEN’S CLOTHING STORE! I AM A HANDSOME MAN, NOT SOME CUTE LITTLE BOY!”

“It’s insulting to these two words when you use them to describe yourself……” Ling Mo ridiculed him with a blank expression, and then directly changed the topic to something else. “It seems like someone from your top brass had already guessed that this situation was going to happen and already made preparations for it. The alarm, as well as the rapid military response are perfect examples.”

“You sure know how to quickly change topics!” Wen Xuan was stunned before nodding, “Based on the situation in front of us, it seems like that might be true. But when I was at headquarters today, I heard nothing.”

“I’m going to take a guess that this plan was personally arranged by someone. After all, the majority of the people don’t believe that it’s possible for zombies to invade this area. So it’s very likely that the person that prepared this in advance has control of a lot power. If this said person had announced it before it had happened, he or she probably wouldn’t have gotten much support, especially in such a busy period.” Ling Mo guessed.

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