My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 373 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 373 Part 2 – Life Is Already So Difficult, Don’t Hurt Me With The Truth

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“They are all filthy trash….” The officer showed a hint of disgust and was about to say something, but suddenly turned his head and looked towards the direction of the city.

An off-road vehicle was coming from a distance and finally stopped in front of the wall.

As soon as Su Qian Rou and Li Wei got out of the vehicle, those old women and children immediately surrounded them and started shouting all at once.

“Excuse me! How is my son!?”

“Is XX [1] still alive?”

Li Wei quickly got in front of Su Qian Rou to shield her from the crowd, but it was too difficult for her to cope. She nervously called out several times “everyone”, but her voice was completely drowned out by the noise.

Those soldiers that were patrolling immediately rushed over and dragged all the survivors away.

“What’s…. What’s going on here, why are they like this ….” Li Wei looked at the survivors who were still shouting in fear and asked.

Su Qian Rou, however, looked indifferently, “I heard from reports that they stay here till midnight every day. It seems to be true. Haven’t you guessed already from what they’re asking? They’re all family members of the soldiers that went to the frontlines in X-City and they want to know whether or not their loved ones are still alive. However, they don’t dare cause trouble at headquarters and can only stay here, hoping that someone who returns from X-City can bring back some news.”

“Ahh …. The battle in X-City …” Li Wei’s faced became pale, and she glanced back at the family members with concern and asked, “Then why not just tell them?”

“Do you know how terrible that would be if we did?” Su Qian Rou looked at Li Wei. “We are still in the investment stage and we currently haven’t reaped any benefits at all. If we rashly announced what happened over there without any good news, it would be hard to raise anyone’s spirit.


“Why are you crying?” Su Qian Rou was stunned for a moment before turning to look at an officer that was approaching them.

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But upon seeing who it was, Su Qian Rou immediately frowned.

“Hehe, well who do we have here? Isn’t this General Su?” The officer was still chewing on a blade of grass as he spoke in a frivolous manner.

“Aren’t you the next candidate for the Deputy Leader of the intelligence team, Zhu Xue Jun?” Su Qian Rou said blankly.

“Wow, the news spread so quickly? I still haven’t even gotten the position yet…. Hahaha….”

Although the words that came from Zhu Xue Jun’s mouth were modest, the expression on his face seemed as if he would be replacing the position at any time.

The corner of Su Qian Rou’s mouth revealed a sneer, “Keep being arrogant, the more arrogant the better.  Just wait until you get burned for that arrogance….”

“You should have already been notified about what happened at the laboratory. Why is it that I don’t see any actions being taken here? Su Qian Rou said while looking around.

Zhu Xue Jun smiled indifferently, “The reason why a mishap happened in the laboratory is because the security over there was too weak, however, the area I’m in charge of is completely different. Take a good look here General Su, if the attacker really has the balls to come here, I’ll definitely make it so that he’ll be unable to escape.”

“Haha. Fine, let me just say one more thing, let the truck pass.” Su Qian Rou smiled coldly, opened the door and sat back down.

In any case, as a mascot, she didn’t need to do anything else other than let people see that she was busy dealing with the aftermath. But in fact, she had no hope in finding the attackers over here.

“I’ve already talked with the other lines of defense in advance. Hopefully they can benefit from this.”

Zhu Xue Jun showed an unpleasant look and waved back at the person being inspected, “FUCK!”

More than ten minutes later, seeing that the intersection was quiet and empty, Zhu Xue Jun glanced at the direction of the off-road vehicle with contempt, “Fucking bitch. A general with no actual power, actually dares to come here and tell me what to do. What kind of attacker would run so far to this place……”?

As he said this, he lifted his trousers and walked towards a building on the side of the road.

“Deputy Leader Zhu, may I ask you….” a soldier asked, as he passed through a police cordon.

Although he was feeling unpleasant, this sentence “Deputy Leader Zhu” obviously made him very happy, “I’m going to fucking pee! Or is this necessary to also report this to the general?”

[1] — refers to the names that the women were saying

[2] — TL note: emotions will now be written in italic for clarification purposes. Eg. “FUCK!”

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