My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 374 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 374 Part 1 – Receive My Destroyer of Descendants Kick

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“The stained white stockings were slowly removed….”

Zhu Xue Jun started humming a tune and walked towards an area filled with plants and trees.

Not far behind him were a few sentries that were looking at him. However, when Zhu Xue Jun turned back and glared at them, the soldiers immediately looked elsewhere and even took a few steps away.

“Fucking idiots, it’s no wonder they’re still stuck as foot soldiers, they have no fucking vision at all….”

Zhu Xue Jun snorted coldly, then slowly paced closer to a tree and was about to unzip his pants.

“Use that little mouth to serve ……. WUU!”

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from the darkness, grabbing his neck tightly, and pulling him forward.

The power of this grip was so strong that he couldn’t even let out a sound.

Zhu Xue Jun’s eyes widened as he desperately tries to reach for the pistol that was on his waist.

But before he was able to pull out his gun, a sharp pain suddenly came from his crotch.


The wretched howl that was supposed to come out from his mouth was completely stuck in his throat. Zhu Xue Jun twitched all over, then his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fainted.

As Zhu Xue Jun was dragged silently into the woods, the soldiers were still unaware of the anomaly.

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Ling Mo dragged Zhu Xue Jun all the way to a quiet alley and threw him in front of Wen Xuan, “After lying in wait for ten minutes, I only managed to catch him. But from the looks of it, he should be an officer…. Do you recognize him?”

“It’s normal if you didn’t catch one. The soldiers on duty would tend to go relieve themselves inside the bathrooms of the buildings. They just need to deal with the awful smell and the fact that there is no water to flush with….”

As Wen Xuan said this, he took a look at Zhu Xue Jun, “He’s from the intelligence team … as for his name… I forgot, but this guy seems to be responsible for the inspections of this defensive line….”

“That’s wonderful….” Ling Mo smiled.

“Speaking of which, why did you give him a kick that could probably end his line of descendants….” Wen Xuan asked curiously.

Ling Mo replied, “It was convenient.”

“This reason of yours is way too casual….”

Ten seconds later, Zhu Xue Jun woke up from waves of pain.

His first reaction was to yell for help, but the moment he opened his eyes and mouth, a cold light swept over from above, and stayed a centimeter away from his eyeball.

This kind of feeling was similar to the feeling you get from bungee jumping. Before you jump off, everything seemed to be normal. However, the next second, after suddenly falling down, everything was out of control.

After being stunned for a full three seconds, Zhu Xue Jun finally pulled himself together.

“Putong…Putong…” The sound of his heartbeat rang directly inside his head, awakening him from his frightened state.

He stared nervously at the tip of the knife, not daring to even look at who was attacking him, “You…. what do you want…. I am a member of the intelligence team, don’t kill me….”

“I can’t stand it anymore, are all the people in the intelligence team …. dumbasses? Since I have the balls to attack you, I wouldn’t care whether or not you’re from the intelligence team.”

Ling Mo couldn’t help muttering. After thinking about it a bit longer, he was somewhat confused, “The function of the team itself seems quite normal, but why are all the people in the team like this…. Are they cultivating idiots?”

He just said this casually, but in fact, his guess was actually pretty close to the facts.

Shana held the scythe and looked at Zhu Xue Jun with a smirk, “Are you afraid?”

“No shit Sherlock! Why don’t you try it!”

Zhu Xue Jun was sweating cold sweats all over, and answered with a trembling voice, “Afraid…. I’m afraid, please don’t kill me…. ”

“That depends on how well you behave.”

Shana used one of her small hands to easily lift the heavy scythe. The tip of her blade stopped right on top of Zhu Xue Jun’s eyeball. It was so close to his eyeball, that a slight slip of her hands or a sudden loss of strength in her arms, would cause an extremely bloody aftermath. This terrifying scene made Wen Xuan, who was hiding in the dark, suddenly feel as if his eyes hurt, and he couldn’t help but raise his hands to rub them.


This huge sense of oppression, in addition to Zhu Xue Jun’s originally weak thinking capabilities, made him incapable of resisting.

It took Shana less than two minutes to find out the weak points of the defensive line. At the same time, chaos had erupted at the intersection. It seemed that the soldiers had noticed Zhu Xue Jun’s disappearance.

As Shana stood up and lifted her scythe at the same time, her eyes which were staring at Zhu Xue Jun suddenly turned red.


to be continued….

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