My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 374 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 374 Part 2 – Receive My Destroyer of Descendants Kick

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Zhu Xue Jun trembled violently as he let out a cry that sounded as if an old cat was screaming, and because it was at night, he was only able to see the red eyes, as well as the long hair that fluttered in the wind.

“Fe-Female…. Female Zombie …. Ahhh!”

In the end, he wasn’t able to restrain himself from screaming as he got up and reached for his gun.

“FUCK! Sure enough, I shouldn’t have believed that someone with your IQ would be smart enough to shut the fuck up! Originally, I wanted to pin the blame on the zombies, so we can escape much easier…. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT COULD’VE AT LEAST WAITED UNTIL WE RAN AWAY BEFORE SCREAMING!”

Ling Mo didn’t even wait for him to finish and rushed over with a flying kick, silencing him immediately. At the same time, he sent a spiritual tentacle at him, slamming him on a wall.

During these string of actions that moved fluently like flowing water, Zhu Xue Jun tried to draw his gun twice in a row, but was prevented both times before he could even reach it.

This proved that not only was it a dumb idea to keep your gun at your waist, it was even dumber to have it fastened with a holster. Sure, it might look cool, but when you’re facing a zombie or a strong opponent, the other party will definitely not give you a chance to even draw your gun.

This wasn’t some western cowboy duel, where they give each other time to draw their guns….

Although Ling Mo despised Zhu Xue Jun’s reaction, he couldn’t really blame him either. A guy like him who only knew how to whisper behind people’s backs, most likely never encountered much less fought against a high-level zombie. So when he suddenly found himself facing a high-level zombie …… with such a weak mind, it was really difficult for him to control his emotions.

“I overestimated his intelligence and made a careless mistake. Wen Xuan, take us to the place where he said security was the weakest!” Ling Mo sighed and said.

At this moment, random flickering lights could be seen outside, moving closer towards them, and from the looks of it, someone would be reaching their location very soon.


Wen Xuan jumped out of his hiding place, then gave a disdainful glance at Zhu Xue Jun’s corpse.

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Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you so damn cheerful?”

“Actually, I had planned to kill him already, but I didn’t expect him to seek death by himself. I’d never give up on the opportunity to kill a pig from the intelligence team.” Wen Xuan laughed and said.

Ling Mo immediately shook his head helplessly, “For some reason, I feel somewhat comforted hearing you say that. It seems that no matter what I did, my plans would never be perfected. Even if he didn’t die, you would still end up killing him at the end.”

“Just admit that your plans failed.” Shana pursed her lips and suddenly advised.

“Yeah, it’s obvious that Ling Mo didn’t well enough.” Ya Lin added.

Ye Lian glanced at Ling Mo with a somewhat confused expression, then exclaimed, “ah” before nodding in agreement.

“Girl, you obviously don’t understand any of it, why are you nodding?!”

The weak point that Zhu Xue Jun revealed was the area on the defensive line that had the least amount of guards on duty tonight.

This wasn’t some kind of big secret, but only members of this defense line would actually know where that place was. Although Wen Xuan was able to provide the location of the actual place, the specific situation in that area was still unknown.

The Falcon Camp lacked manpower, so it was impossible for them to arrange a large number of soldiers to be everywhere on the defensive line. The solution they came up with, was to transfer some of the soldiers in one station to other areas every day. In this way, they would only have one road lacking in security, instead of all of them.

With Wen Xuan leading the way, the group quickly left the area.

Since Yu Shi Ran and Hei Si were still following behind, Ling Mo also had to lead them. However, since they were moving by themselves, the probability of them being discovered was much smaller than Ling Mo’s group.

At this time, a soldier had reported the news of Zhu Xue Jun’s disappearance to Su Qian Rou, “Traces of crushed grass were found over there……”

“Lead the way!”

Su Qian Rou’s eyes brightened as she turned around and waved to Li Wei, who was in the car, “Something interesting happened, let’s go.”

“Zhu…. Mr. Zhu can’t have died, could he?”

Su Qian Rou responded, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Ahh? General …. Could it be that you think it’s more interesting if he’s dead?” Li Wei asked.

The driver in the driver’s seat silently embraced his head and lay on the steering wheel, “Next time you guys talk about this kind of topic, can you do it when I’m not around!”

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