My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 375 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 375 Part 1 – Bringing Up The Rear

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Not long after Ling Mo and his group left the alleyway, Su Qian Rou had already found this place.

Upon Seeing Zhu Xue Jun lying on the ground, Li Wei immediately screamed and covered her eyes in panic.

Su Qian Rou approached the corpse without hesitation and sighed, “As expected, he really died.”

“General, what are you doing. Just leave this kind of stuff to the doctors……” Li Wei’s voice came from behind.

Su Qian Rou responded without looking back, “It’s not like I’m planning to dissect him….”

“Can you not talk about dissecting people so casually….” People like Li Wei, who were very imaginative, would inevitably start thinking about the wrong things after hearing the word “dissect” in front of a corpse.

Not only did her face turned pale instantly, but when the soldiers behind her moved away from her line of sight, the expression on her face looked unnatural.

“Shhh” Su Qian Rou calmly squatted down and took a closer look at Zhu Xue Run’s body, “There’s a bloody hole between his eyebrows and it doesn’t seem like it was caused by a bullet. Could it be from a zombie’s finger?”

Su Qian Rou stretched out her index finger and pointed at the bloody hole.

The faces of the onlookers suddenly turned ugly, but fortunately, she didn’t actually put her index finger inside the hole to confirm her theory.

“In short, he was killed by a headshot. Judging by the horrified expression on his face, I would prefer to believe that he was killed by a zombie, otherwise the expression on his face wouldn’t be like this.” Su Qian Rou said, giving a playful glance at Zhu Xue Jun’s soaked trousers. “It seems that former and present deputy leaders of the intelligence team seem to have all died horrible deaths.”

“Well then, our next move……” Su Qian Rou found a pair of white silk gloves from her pocket. After wearing it, she proceeded to take out a small flashlight and said, “We should try to catch those attackers. You guys will split into groups of threes and never break off from your groups. If you encounter a situation, fire a shot to alert the rest. Everyone else will immediately rush there to support. Does everyone understand?”


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After seeing the soldiers leave, Su Qian Rou grabbed on to Li Wei, who trying desperately to sneak away, and asked blankly, “And where do you think you’re going? Souvenirs are naturally kept on hand. Have some common sense, okay?”

“It’s common sense that people aren’t objects……” Li Wei said pitifully.

Unfortunately, this pitiful expression of hers wasn’t able to convince Su Qian Rou.

Su Qian Rou had just stepped out of the alley, and after looking around, she suddenly turned her eyes to the woods on the roadside.

She walked over, picked up an inconspicuous broken piece of grass from the edges of the roadside and took a closer look, “There’s an 80% chance that they ran from this side. I might as well check it out.”

As she said this, she had already plunged herself into a gloomy dark bush.

“Hey….” Li Wei stood alone, looking nervously and fearfully ahead. After feeling puzzled for two seconds, she reached into her pocket, took out a small Gashapon [1], and started to gently twist it.

This Gashapon immediately gave off a dazzling white light, similar to an LED light. Li Wei steeled her nerves as she held the glowing Gashapon and followed after Su Qian Rou.

“It should be right ahead of us.”

Ling Mo and his group were running forward along an empty small street. Wen Xuan ran at the forefront, smiling back when he recognized the surrounding environment.

“Good, after we leave, you should head back. With your ability in conning people to do things for you, I don’t believe you’ll have a hard time settling this issue.” Ling Mo said.

“Obviously.” Wen Xuan chuckled a little. When he turned his head, his face sank a little, and his eyes seemed a bit sad….

to be continued…

[1] — Gashapon: a vending machine toy in Japan, click this link for more information

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