My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 375 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 375 Part 2 – Bringing Up The Rear

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Hold on. Someone’s behind us. Soldiers?”

Ling Mo’s footsteps suddenly slowed down as he said this. Every so often, he would use his spiritual sense to sweep the area, and he coincidentally discovered some people following behind them.

But to his surprise, he only discovered two people with his spiritual sense, one behind the other.

The speed of the second person, who was following behind the first person, was much slower and didn’t seem to have a clear idea of where to go. Unlike the second person, the first person clearly knew where he or she was heading.

With such a strange situation, Ling Mo couldn’t help but conclude that between the two people, one of them was definitely strong.

Though it was unlikely for these two pursuers to defeat the five of them, it also wasn’t necessary for all of them to stay behind either.

A sneak attack was one way to deal with the issue. However, if they failed to kill the both of them there and then, Ling Mo and his group would definitely be surrounded.

There are actually tons of other options that they could have adopted, but because the other party was getting closer and closer, Ling Mo didn’t have too much time to think, so he handed the tested corpse to Wen Xuan and said, “Take the girls and leave. I’ll lure them away before grouping with you. Don’t look at me with that look, it’s not like I’m going to die. Rest assured, it’s very easy for me to escape by myself.”

“You sure…. You don’t need our help?” Ye Lian asked worriedly.

“Then we’ll wait for you.” Shana grabbed Ye Lian’s arm, nodded, and said.

Watching Ye Lian and the girls disappear from a street corner, Ling Mo immediately sent a warning signal to Hei Si.

The appearances of the girls were known to many of the camp members. It was too risky to let any of them stay and help.

He had already left too many clues behind. If someone took the time to analyze each one, it wouldn’t be hard for them to guess that Ling Mo and his group had something to do with this, and that would be bad.

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So the idea that Ling Mo just came up with was very simple and straightforward. He made sure that no matter what happened, Ye Lian and the girls wouldn’t be put into any danger, even if it was only a tiny possibility.

Even if they were able to escape together, they would most likely be recognized, and maybe more people would be implicated.

At least the two survivors who had been introduced to the camp by him personally, would most likely no longer have any good days.

Ling Mo could only consider this much before making a decision right now.

However, Yu Shi Ran, whom Hei Si was attached too, was different. This loli zombie was a brand new face.

With the support of this loli zombie, it shouldn’t be too hard to stall their pursuers.

to be continued…

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