My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 375 Part 3

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 375 Part 3 – Bringing Up The Rear

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“I’d like to see who’s tracking us….” Ling Mo glanced back, before disappearing into the darkness.

Not long after, Su Qian Rou ran out of an alley.

She seemed very elated upon facing the empty streets.

This place was already at the edges of the city. Other than some shabby stores that were on both sides of the street, most of the stores were massage parlors.

“Leftover water from a splash……”

Su Qian Rou stopped somewhere on the sidewalk. Most of the imitation granite bricks that were used to pave the sidewalks were incomplete, and many of them would rise up when they were stepped on, splashing the water underneath.

However, in such a misty night, it would be difficult to notice even with a flashlight. Unfortunately, for Ling Mo, Su Qian Rou’s observation skills were one of the best.

She discovered some water that was stained around a brick, “Sure enough, they came through here. Huh? Isn’t the security on this road the weakest tonight?”

After saying this, she took out her walkie talkie.

However, just as she was about to make a report, a slight noise suddenly passed from behind her.

Su Qian Rou immediately turned around and looked at the shops across the street.

There was an adult shop and a massage parlor. Looking through the crack in the door, except for black shadows, nothing much could be seen

But Su Qian Rou’s intuition told her that there were eyes staring at her.

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Su Qian Rou’s gaze shifted between the adult shop and the massage parlor, and finally stopped on the door of the massage parlor, which was half-closed.

The door was slightly shaking and Su Qian Rou didn’t know if it was due to someone’s touch or the night breeze.

“Deliberately trying to lure me over?” Su Qian Rou stood still and didn’t move.

But a few seconds later, a sudden flash of red light on the second floor made her become vigilant instantly.

“It really is a zombie!”

She raised the muzzle of her gun and pulled the trigger while rushing into the massage parlor.

However, what Su Qian Rou didn’t expect was, the moment she was about to shoot, a sudden sharp pain shot out from her wrist, and the pistol fell to the ground.

As soon as she turned her eyes to the ground, the gun moved away as if it had legs, and disappeared into the shadows.

“What was that……”

Su Qian Rou suddenly had a bad feeling, but as soon as she turned around, the door slammed shut.

Inside the store, it was completely dark. The only light that was left came from a small flashlight in Su Qian Rou’s hand.

But even this flashlight was subsequently dropped to the ground, emitting a muffled sound.

Without waiting for Su Qian Rou to run to the door, a red light suddenly approached her. At the same time, a sense of dizziness invaded her mind, making her lose the ability to resist.

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