My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 376 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 376 Part 1 – Powerful Memory

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“It’s done.”

Ling Mo, who was hiding behind a curtain, smiled with satisfaction.

As his spiritual strength increased, his tentacles became more and more flexible. Before entering the door, the female soldier clearly wanted to shoot upwards and alert the others. Unfortunately for her, she was disrupted by Ling Mo’s tentacles at the critical moment.

Now, as long as he took care of both her and the person approaching them, he and Yu Shi Ran could leave.

Although Su Qian Rou was dizzy, she pulled out another gun from her waist and raised her hand to shoot.

Even though she couldn’t see anything, she was still able to lock onto Yu Shi Ran by following her instincts.

But unfortunately for her, she thought she was fighting in a 1v1, when in fact she was getting beaten by two people. This battle was destined to be an unfair fight.

After seeing the muzzle through Yu Shi Ran’s field of vision, Ling Mo used his ability to disarm the gun from her hand. At the same time, he sent another spiritual strangulation attack.

He had a vague feeling that the female soldier was quite powerful, so he didn’t hesitate using his full strength, not giving her the opportunity to retaliate.

At the same time, Yu Shi Ran’s knife-like hands had also reached the back of Su Qian Rou’s head.

The word “bastard” escaped from Su Qian Rou’s mouth before she fell down.

Ling Mo quickly ran to her side and started to search her body.

Unfortunately, other than the two guns she was carrying, Ling Mo only discovered a dagger from her body. This female soldier with the nice body should of been very capable since she actually dared to run in here alone. However, due to the environment and the fact that she misjudged her enemy, she was successfully defeated by Ling Mo.

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In a semi-conscious state, Su Qian Rou felt a hand touching her body.

She let out a “huh” sound from her mouth and tried to struggle.

“Seems like she’s still conscious.” Ling Mo didn’t hesitate to throw her another spiritual strangulation attack. At the same time, he glanced at Yu Shi Ran and said, “If I was going to give you a score for your sneak attack…. it would be a horrible score!”

“HEY! You’re the one that told me not to kill her. Do you know how difficult that is for a zombie!” Yu Shi Ran muttered angrily.

Ling Mo still wanted to say something, but at the moment Su Qian Rou fainted, some images began to flash before Ling Mo.

“Shit! This again! Does this count as me being forced to look into her memories?”

Ling Mo wasn’t interested in the memories of the female soldier, but there was no way for him to avoid it in this situation.

This was one of the drawbacks of his spiritual strangulation attack. Even if Ling Mo didn’t want to actively read the memory, he would be forced into it. Moreover, the contents of that memory would be random.

But just as he became depressed, a familiar voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

“Mr. Ling, hello. I am General Su Qian Rou of the Falcon Camp.”

“PFFT! The woman I just knocked out was the General? Holy shit, what is she doing over here?”

Ling Mo was startled at first, but then immediately became interested.

Maybe there were some interesting memories in the head of this General.

Since he wasn’t forcibly trying to read her memories, it wouldn’t cause her any harm. However, all the memories he read would be in fragments.

to be continued…

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