My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 376 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 376 Part 2 – Powerful Memory

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


“To us, the cooperation with psychics can be considered a fresh start.”

In this memory, Su Qian Rou was sitting in a dark room. There was an old man that looked kind sitting opposite from her.

His large bald head looked like a light bulb and was also the brightest thing in this room.

The old man smiled and said, “I know, but this kind of thing always needs to be done slowly and step by step. Currently, the soldiers are still the backbone of their strength. If we killed all high-ranking officials due to our hastiness, it will only cause us problems. Not to mention, those high-ranking officers aren’t easy prey. It would be difficult for us to kill them all with our capabilities.”

Ling Mo wasn’t sure if it was because this memory was a hidden memory in Su Qian Rou’s brain, but the memory that Ling Mo saw was very choppy.

It was as if this memory was a scratched disk. After a while, the memory seemed to have fast-forwarded several minutes before playing again.

“Uh huh….” Su Qian Rou was standing in front of a desk at this moment and said, “Some of the psychics have ambitions, but none of them have the determination to work hard like the army….”

The memory skipped ahead for a while, before her voice sounded again.

“Having the psychics in the army can also be considered another force for us. In any case, I don’t wish to be the reason that hurts the camp due to a power struggle. It would be best if everything could just completely reset naturally. Well not completely, I really don’t like having officers who only care about holding power firmly in their hands. When their cooperation with the Air Force is further strengthened, it will be very unfavorable for us….”

“Your intelligence team is an organization that was approved by both the army and the psychics. Having you guys step in to differentiate everything was best for everyone….”

“…… Yet, they decided to imitate the past and created a supervision team. This idea was very unpopular. Even if you didn’t do anything, those people under your supervision would never like you.”

“You made me the most unwelcome person in the camp….” The old man shook his head helplessly, then a smile appeared, “Little Su, you are a very ambitious woman, and I admire that. But what confuses me is that you seem …. How do I explain… You seem only interested in the process of pursuing power, yet having no interest in the power itself.”

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“Power? This kind of thing is especially attractive when it’s not available. But once you hold it in your hands, you’ll feel that it’s no longer that attractive anymore, no?” Su Qian Rou laughed.

The old man touched his bright head and asked curiously, “Then what on earth do you really want?”

Su Qian Rou smiled slightly and put her hand on the map that was on the table, “My goal isn’t just X-City….”

“What could your goal be then? The whole universe?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


The next memory suddenly jumped into another room.

The room was full of pictures of all kinds of zombies. It was exactly like one of those photo walls that a serial killer makes. The more you looked at it, the creepier it felt.

It was already terrifying enough to have a wall like this, yet she had actually placed her bed not to far from the wall.

Su Qian Rou was staring at the photos with interest, identifying each zombie one by one according to a piece of paper, “This is an ordinary zombie, this is a mutated zombie, and this is an advanced zombie….”

“Zombies are really an interesting race. I’ve always felt that once their intelligence was restored, they would become the upgraded version of a human that had no weaknesses. Hmph, some people still actually think humanity can kill the zombie race. It’s already nice of them if they didn’t wipe us out already. In this process of evolution, we humans are clearly the object of elimination, just like the dinosaurs of the past.”

to be continued…

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