My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 376 Part 3


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 376 Part 3 – Powerful Memory

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“Zombies are really an interesting race. I’ve always felt that once their intelligence was restored, they would become the upgraded version of a human that had no weaknesses. Hmph, some people still actually think humanity can kill the zombie race. It’s already nice of them if they didn’t wipe us out already. In this process of evolution, we humans are clearly the object of elimination, just like the dinosaurs of the past.”

She took out a few more things as she was saying this.

The moment Ling Mo saw these things, he became spirited.

Any bag labeled “Top Secret” should definitely have some interesting stuff inside….

“The places that the Air Force has explored ……. Liars. This is definitely not all of it. They at most picked out a few to tell us.” Su Qian Rou sneered in disdain.

It turned out to be information that the Air Force sent …. Wen Xuan had previously said that this information was only known by the higher ups.

“Nuclear power plant, no survivors were found. Estimated to have already fallen.”

“X-City military factory, no survivors were found. After another aerial exploration, it was confirmed to have fallen as well.”

“Dong Chang satellite launch base, no survivors were found. Estimated to have fallen.”

After seeing the information through Su Qian Rou’s eyes, he noticed that all the places explored by the Air Force were all important facilities or factories.

But unfortunately, most of these places had already fallen. Some of these places were so badly damaged to the point that they couldn’t be repaired under humanity’s current conditions.

For example, a chemical plant had exploded when the apocalypse broke out……

In addition to these two memories, there were many other sporadic memories as well, but most of them were about the Falcon Camp, and Ling Mo wasn’t particularly interested in them.

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Some of them were actually important, such as the current situation in neighboring cities.

According to the information provided by the Air Force, the Falcon camp was currently the only camp they had discovered within the scope of their explorations.

If you think about it, it’s really not that surprising. If it wasn’t for the A-City’s unique geographical environment, the Falcon Camp wouldn’t have been able to survive, let alone develop step by step.

However, the scope of the Air Force’s exploration scope wasn’t large and this information could only be used as a reference for the time being.

“Thanks sweetie.” Ling Mo patted Su Qian Rou’s face and smiled.

By the time Ling Mo stepped out of the massage parlor, he felt quite relieved.

Since there weren’t any major disturbances in the Falcon Camp, Wen Xuan and Peng Fei wouldn’t have too much trouble here.

This woman was keen on operating the camp, but had no intentions of pursuing the power itself. She was quite the weirdo.

It felt quite strange that the first memory he read from her mind was related to himself.

“I’ve gained a lot of information from this. However, it’s going to take quite some time to process all of it.”

Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and moved towards the location of the second pursuer based on his spiritual sense. Yu Shi Ran was left at the massage parlor and was responsible for watching Su Qian Rou until he returned.

The second pursuer made him feel really strange, because the other party always seemed to be spinning around in place somewhere, or after walking a long way, would somehow return back to the previous spot.

But overall, this person was slowly approaching him.

“I might as well knock her out first since I can’t rule out the possibility of her being a psychic.”

Ling Mo thought as he sped up and quickly approached the second pursuer.

“Wuuu, General Su ……”

Holding the glowing Gashapon, Li Wei moved forward slowly and nervously. Although the Gashapon in her hand shone very brightly, seeing all the shadows of the buildings and the moving trees around her, Li Wei couldn’t help but tremble.

As Ling Mo approached her from the side, Li Wei’s head began to feel dizzy. She immediately closed her eyes and threw out a small ball from her hand, almost as if it was a conditioned reflex.

Before the ball could land, Ling Mo had stopped it with a spiritual tentacle and tossed it into his hands.

“Sure enough, if this had landed, it would have exploded and an alarm would have rung out…. It actually turns out to be you….”

Ling Mo looked at Li Wei with interest.

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