My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 377 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 377 Part 1 – Sudden Probe

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Wuuu …. Don’t come any closer ……”

Li Wei didn’t even look at Ling Mo. After throwing that alarm, she ran away while screaming.

Ling Mo was speechless as he watched this girl stagger back towards the woods in a panic….

“With the way she’s running, most people would’ve sprained their ankles by now.” Ling Mo thought.


Li Wei screamed and fell into the bushes.

“Well, guess I overestimated you.”

Ling Mo gently put the alarm into his pocket and walked over to pick up the glowing Gashapon.

He stared carefully at it for a moment, before twisting it gently. The lights began to dim and disappeared completely after a clicking sound.

“This is actually very convenient. It also allows the option to adjust the brightness.” Ling Mo held the Gashapon and walked towards Li Wei, who was still struggling in the bushes.

He was already wearing the infrared night vision goggles, but he felt slightly weird seeing the environment through the goggles.

As she was surrounded by darkness, Li Wei only saw a black shadow walk slowly towards her. She started screaming and kicked towards the figure at the same time.

But just when she was about to hit the black shadow, her ankle was caught by some invisible force.

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Li Wei scratched randomly at the grass, as she stared in horror, while being hung upside down with both legs high in the air, “Wuu, Wuu, what are you going to do?”

“Jesus, can you stop crying already? You make it sound like I’m about to do something bad to you. All I did was just hang you by your legs in case you disrupt me. You’re seriously crying over nothing…. ”

Ling Mo squatted down and reached with his hand to search Li Wei’s pocket.

“AHH!” Li Wei let out a short shriek and her body started to tremble.

Fortunately for her, this black shadow only wanted to search her inner pockets and didn’t have the intentions of tearing her clothes apart.

In addition to several other glowing Gashapons, there were at least a dozen alarms inside her pockets, which were small and easy to carry. She also had other gadgets, but Ling Mo didn’t think they were useful for the time being.

Ling Mo put all these gadgets into his pocket. At the same time, he reached out and patted Li Wei’s leg, “You’re just like Doraemon [1] ……” After thinking a bit more about it, Ling Mo secretly added in his heart, “A weaker version.”

But she was still young. As long as she stayed within this human area, she would be able to get more resources, and naturally be able to make rapid progress. War and the test of life and death are the best sources of inspiration……

Li Wei was scared to the point that she was already crying. Ling Mo had wanted to say a few words to her, but upon seeing her flustered appearance, he let out a sigh, before turning around and leaving.

As Ling Mo turned around, he sighed and put his hands in his pockets. At the same time, Li Wei felt the force that was hanging her legs suddenly disappear.

“Wuu….” Li Wei quickly got up, touched her legs nervously, and then looked in the direction of Ling Mo’s departure.

Unknowingly, she suddenly thought about the dark shadow and his sigh.

“I have a weird feeling….”

Li Wei frowned and pondered deeply. She suddenly seemed to have remembered something very important, “AH! THE GENERAL! AH! MY LANTERN GASHAPON! All my lantern Gashapons have been robbed by that strange guy. It’s so dark here, how am I supposed to find my way……”

Ling Mo originally thought that a battle would have occurred. Unexpectedly, the person that was following him was actually Li Wei. He wasted almost no time to handle the situation and quickly returned to the massage parlor.

to be continued….

[1] – Doraemon is a robot cat from a japanese manga series. He basically has everything in his little pocket.

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