My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 377 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 377 Part 2 – Sudden Probe

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Su Qian Rou was still unconscious. After staring at her for a couple of seconds, Ling Mo waved at Yu Shi Ran.

From his spiritual connection, Ling Mo saw the girls move quickly at the beginning. He estimated that they had most likely crossed the defensive line by now and are waiting somewhere for him since they stopped moving.

“We should hurry up too.”

Ling Mo and Yu Shi Ran rushed madly along the street.

At a corner near the city’s edge, Ye Lian and the girls were leaning against a wall, while Wen Xuan was sitting on the ground, waiting for Ling Mo to come and meet them.

The three of them invariably kept a certain distance from Wen Xuan, leaving Wen Xuan to sit alone in front of them.

However, his expression didn’t show that he was hurt. Instead, he stared at Ya Lin with a complicated expression for a while, then turned his gaze towards Shana.

The hand behind his back suddenly moved and a tactical knife appeared in his hand.

After a quick slash on his arm, Wen Xuan jumped up, then stretched his bleeding arm towards Shana, “Look!”


Shana stared blankly at Wen Xuan, then turned away in disgust, “Did you forget to take your meds?”

“You……. You aren’t interested?” Wen Xuan froze, then he turned his eyes to Ye Lian, but Ye Lian had already moved towards the corner.

Before he could even turn to Ya Lin, a long leg suddenly swung over like a bullet and struck him on the waist, “What the fuck is wrong with you! Why did you turn into pervert that’s trying to lure little girls with candy? It’s disgusting, OKAY? You better not let Ling Mo find out or he will be fucking skinning you alive!”

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“I…. I’m not…… “Wen Xuan fell to the ground after being kicked. After saying two words and failing to think of a way to justify his actions, he helplessly gave up.

“I must have misheard, right? It’s not like I can take out my kidney and see how they react. Besides, apart from being ……. outrageously strong, Ya Lin and the girls don’t really look like zombies. However, Ya Lin does seem to be slightly dumber than before, but it’s also possible that her personality changed due to our circumstances. I’m a perfect example……… not to mention…….”

Wen Xuan was stunned for a while, then slowly got up from the ground. He ripped a strip of cloth to use for bandaging and at the same time, thought to himself, “Whether she or isn’t, she is still my cousin. With the way she’s acting, I can’t imagine her being a zombie, she can’t be a zombie.”

Thinking of this, Wen Xuan suddenly thought of that girl, “If she became a zombie, what would I have done…… Would I have let her eat me?”

Previously, when he heard Zhu Xue Jun’s scream, he didn’t know how to react, and wasn’t able to respond for a while. Now that Ling Mo wasn’t around, he wanted to take this opportunity to confirm a few things.

However, he didn’t expect that all three girls would look at him with disgust and treated him as a pervert……

But he thought of many reasons to explain this situation, however, none of them was reasonable for him to use……

“He…… he smells so bad; does he really have the same blood as Senior Sister?” Ye Lian faced the corner with one hand holding the wall, the other covering her mouth, thinking.

Shana glanced at her sympathetically, then silently reached out with her hand, and patted her on the back, “I understand……. We’ve all gotten used to Brother Ling’s taste.”

To be continued…

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