My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 377 Part 3

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 377 Part 3 – Sudden Probe

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


Within two minutes, Ling Mo climbed over from behind a fence and landed lightly on the ground, “Mission complete.”

After he finished speaking, he realized that the atmosphere was weird, and turned his attention towards Wen Xuan.

However, before he could say anything, Wen Xuan had already greeted him with a smile, stretched out his hand, and put it on his shoulder, “I’m guessing the defensive line is probably in complete chaos right now.”

“Hah? Yeah …….” Ling Mo suddenly felt relieved. Although he wasn’t sure if Wen Xuan had guessed anything, but since he didn’t say anything, it meant that this matter could just end right here.

It was hard to make a friend, and the two have both gone through life and death situations together. Although Ling Mo doesn’t say it, deep down he treasures their friendship.

“Are you able to go back without any problems?” Ling Mo asked.

Wen Xuan revealed a proud smile, “You don’t have to worry about me. Passing through the defensive line is a small ka-se [1] for me!”

“Don’t ever try to show off with your English……”  Ling Mo said after a moment of silence.

Shana said coldly, “No one is worried about you.”

“Go back and burn all those inflatable dolls, it’s disgraceful.” Ya Lin said.

Ye Lian turned around, glanced at Wen Xuan’s arm, and silently turned her head back again.

“It’s you guys I’m worried about….” Wen Xuan acted as if the girls didn’t say anything, squeezed his hair, and said, “X-City will soon be in complete chaos. You already saw how the zombies are in A-City. X-City will become like this soon. I took you guys here so you could experience it in advance. A-City is just a small fraction of land compared to X-City. There is more population and land in X-City, so…….”

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Wen Xuan took a deep breath, and his expression suddenly became dignified, “Please take good care of Ya Lin…… You are much better than me, in every sense.”


“Ahhahahaha, right.” Wen Xuan pointed towards a small vehicle parked in front of him and said, “I discovered this when we came out from the defensive line. You guys can use this to drive back. I already placed the tested corpse inside. And one more thing, if you ever need me, please look for me at the X-City Station, I will be returning to the front lines tomorrow.”

When Ling Mo walked in front of the slipper-like car [2], he saw that the body bag containing the tested corpse was placed in the trunk.

But when he walked in front of the car door, his expression suddenly changed.

“Are you fucking blind! This is obviously a two-seater. Can’t you see that we have four people!” Ling Mo stared back angrily, only to find that the place where Wen Xuan had just stood was empty.

“Hmph, you sure run pretty fast. Forget it, I should be thanking you. No matter what, it’s still better than nothing.”

Ling Mo waved towards the direction that Wen Xuan left in, then turned to look at the slipper-like car, “Hey, Shana, why are you in the driver’s seat when you aren’t even old enough to get a license!”

Shana had wanted to drive before, but Ling Mo didn’t agree with her request because of her zombie personality back then. But now, he had no legitimate reason to forbid her from driving since she’s regained most of her intelligence….

“Forget it, you win. But Senior Sister …… “

The remaining passenger seat was occupied by Senior Sister. She grabbed Ye Lian, and the two of them squeezed in.

Seeing Ling Mo coming over, Senior Sister stuck out her tongue and asked, “According to humans, isn’t it ladies… ladies…. “

“First….” Ye Lian quickly added.

“I only have one request then.” Ling Mo said, looking at the trunk. “Can you drive slowly?”

Looking back at Yu Shi Ran, who had run out from her hiding place, Ling Mo thought to himself, “At least I’m not suffering alone in the back.”

1 – He’s trying to say the word “case”, but he said it with two syllables and with the wrong pronunciation.

2 – Chinese Translates into slipper car which I googled and looks similar to a pickup truck. If you really imagine it, it really does look like a slipper.

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