My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 378 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 378 Part 1 – The World In The Eyes Of Zombies

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


The sounds of a vehicle braking could be heard as a ragged slipper car parked under the overpass from A-City to X-City.

Ling Mo stood up from the trunk with a pale face and patted his body, which had been blown stiff by the wind, “Okay, let’s wait here for Half-moon.

“Hey, Human, your body must feel weak, right? Do you want to puke?” Yu Shi Ran asked gleefully.

“Can’t you at least pretend that you don’t have a grudge towards me? Is it my fault you want to bite me but can’t?

Ling Mo glanced at her, then beckoned for her, “Don’t sit there like a dumbass, come and help me.”


The corpse of a young male zombie appeared after the body bag was pulled apart.

Ling Mo stared at the corpse for a while, then turned to Yu Shi Ran and asked, “This is the … old granny’s spouse?”

“Huh? You know that guy!? I’ve never seen her spouse, so I don’t know.” Yu Shi Ran smiled and said.

“Then what’s the point of having you with me … “Ling Mo shook his head and pulled out his tactical knife.

Originally, in order to prevent infection, he would have also needed to wear gloves and a mask, but now he was, to a certain extent, immune to the virus, this step could be completely skipped.

“Whether he is or isn’t, we’ll know if we just took a look.”

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Ling Mo handed the tactical knife to Yu Shi Ran, “Use this to dig out his virus gel…. Or virus hive and pull it out.”

Yu Shi Ran glanced at the small knife in amazement, hesitated a little, before eventually picking it up.

A job which would have taken only a second to do with her finger, had nearly taken her a minute to do with a knife. It couldn’t be helped since she wasn’t familiar with using these tools….

However, Ling Mo was very patient. Yu Shi Ran was already a high-level zombie from the wild. It would naturally require more time for her to change her behavior and habits.

And right now, Hei Si probably regarded her as an excellent source for absorbing nutrition and Ling Mo wasn’t sure when she would decide to leave her.

Since they had to stay together temporarily, she obviously had to follow Ling Mo’s rules. If she didn’t, she would be asking to see some restricted images appear in front of her eyes….

“Here you go.” Yu Shi Ran handed the Virus Hive to Ling Mo.

“It turns out that he was also a zombie leader … huh? That’s not right.” Ling Mo took a look at the Virus Hive and immediately noticed something wrong.

He quickly pulled out the virus hive that he first obtained, which was also the one he used to improve his physical fitness.

The virus hive had gradually begun to lose its vitality, probably because of the amount of time that had passed, or maybe due to his continuous absorption, however, it was still good enough to be used.

This kind of thing was a bit like losing weight quickly though a high-intensity exercise, but once it stopped, the fat would grow back.

Ling Mo was now facing a similar situation. If he stopped absorbing the virus, he would feel a faint pain throughout his body and that wasn’t a good sign.

The two virus gives were placed next to each other and differences between the two were immediately noticeable.

Both looked a little dull on the outside, which was a sign for the loss of vitality. However, in terms of volume, the piece from the tested corpse was significantly larger, but the amount of blood vessels inside was much less.

“It seems like a congenital deficiency. Being able to secrete such a small amount of the virus should be rare.” Ling Mo said as he rubbed his chin.

Yu Shir Rn curiously looked at him and tried to copy his movements. She placed her hands under her chin and acted as if she was in deep thought, “Yeah, the smell of the virus doesn’t seem to be very pure either. I remember her saying that her spouse was inferior to us.”

To be continued…

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